How to develop an advertising strategy: the main stages

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
24 Jul 2023
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How to develop an advertising strategy: the main stages

Advertising strategy is the basis of any company that promotes its services or goods on the market and wants to do it as effectively as possible. What exactly are the goals of an advertising strategy, what are its main stages and what should be taken into account when building a successful campaign? Answers to these questions you will learn in this material.

What is an advertising strategy

The strategy of an advertising campaign is a certain promotion plan, which is made by the business to increase the recognition of its brand and stimulate sales. It prescribes at what point of development the business is at the moment and prescribes specific actions that need to be taken to achieve the set goals.

The advertising strategy of any brand is not just aimed at accomplishing the task at hand. It should be clearly planned, have a sequence of actions and keep an eye on budget optimization so that all expenditures serve a common purpose and carry maximum efficiency.

Instead of chaotically and inconsistently purchasing advertising online in an attempt to generate leads and sales, successful companies begin their work by developing advertising strategies. Marketing then allows the company to achieve its business goals. The key to an effective advertising strategy is creativity and flexible planning based on a thorough knowledge of the target consumer.

Our web studio in Kiev MEGASITE offers its services to develop successful advertising strategies for different business niches. We are constantly monitoring new tactics, tools and techniques for developing marketing strategies, so you can be sure that we will help you to customize your advertising campaign to maximize the effectiveness of your budget and achieve all your business goals.

What an advertising strategy consists of

Regardless of business models and promotion goals, all strategies are based on four components, without which an online campaign cannot be realized:

  • target audience - to build an effective campaign it is necessary to understand the target audience of the brand, its portrait and the degree of "warming up";
  • goals - a clear statement of objectives, what the company wants to get from each segment of the CA;
  • advertising placement plan - prescribing the schedule of placements on different platforms, frequency of publications with the indication of which creatives for which audience should be used;
  • KPI - for each audience set its own KPI, which are used to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

The development of advertising strategy necessarily includes all these points.

What is an advertising strategy

Advertising strategies by type

Marketing campaigns can be divided into several types, which are determined on the basis of characteristics:

Strategies by objective:

  • Launching a new company or product;
  • stimulating demand;
  • attracting traffic;
  • lead generation and sales;
  • formation of a certain image of the company;
  • formation of a loyal community around the company.

It is worth considering that the strategy of advertising PR-campaign implies a large-scale action plan, which provides for the achievement of at least several business goals at once.

Strategies by geography:

  • local or localized;
  • regional;
  • national;
  • international.

Types of advertising by the number of the company's target audience:

  • Mass;
  • niche.

By periodicity:

  • constant and uniform placement of promo-materials during the whole period of the campaign;
  • Flyte placement, when advertising materials are most actively placed at the beginning of the campaign, gradually decreasing their activity;
  • seasonal campaigns, when advertising is placed during the peak of sales of goods or services.

Stages of developing an effective advertising strategy

The development of advertising strategy includes the following main stages, which in practice are divided into smaller sub-stages.

Step 1: Research of the market, competitors and target audience.

The idea of the situation in your niche, advertising policy of competitors will help to determine the vector of product promotion, as well as compare it with other products that are already on the market. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly understand what audience you will address when promoting - its age, gender, location, hobbies, income, marital status, attitude to your brand, its needs and how you can close them.

Step 2: Detailed development of the advertising campaign strategy.

Based on the received data on the market state, portrait of CA and its needs, a promotion strategy is drawn up, which includes the prescription of business goals, methods of realization, advertising budget, terms of realization, the system of evaluation of campaign efficiency (KPI).

Step 3: Realization of PR-strategy.

At this stage, creative elements, their formats and meanings are developed. Specialists also work on finding suitable platforms and channels that have the right target audience. It is on them that ads will be placed to attract traffic.

Step 4: Testing creatives and monitoring current results.

Constant monitoring of the campaign is necessary to keep track of its effectiveness - how the audience reacts, what is the coverage, whether the CA performs the actions that the brand needs, what is the conversion rate of each specific publication.

Step 5: Analyze the results and prepare a report.

At the end of the PR-strategy a general analysis of its effectiveness is carried out, which allows you to identify the most effective mechanisms of interaction with the audience and apply them in the following campaigns.

Development of advertising strategy and its stages may contain some differences, which are caused by the specifics of the client's business, so when solving this task MEGASITE uses an individual approach with full immersion in the client's business.

Stages of advertising strategy development

Advertising strategy from MEGASITE

MEGASITE has extensive experience in building successful PR-campaigns in different business niches. To achieve the best results, we use the following tools:

If you still have questions about the development of advertising strategies, we invite you to a free consultation. To do this, leave a request on our website or simply call +38 (095) 1000 119.

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