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Work in a web studio

Website development is a troublesome and multi-step process. This process is similar to production - that is, there is a kind of system where all the elements are connected. Working in a web studio involves many specialists. Here you will find programmers, managers, designers, layout designers and testers. Such a coordinated team and is the basis of any web-studio. The main task of the team - to produce a high quality and functional final product.

Account manager

Vacancy any web-studio involves the presence of this person. He leads the work with clients, although he is not directly involved in the creation of the platform. The account manager converses with customers in person, by email or by phone, discussing the details of future collaboration. The specialist will tell in detail about the prices and promotions taking place in the company, and also provide a competently drafted contract. All legal aspects and financial questions relating directly to creation of a resource are resolved with a SALE manager.

Project manager

As soon as the contract is signed and payment is made, the project manager gets to work. It is the organization of joint work of all the other specialists. This person deals with the coordination of the intermediate stages of work and the final result. If there is such a need, the project manager will contact the customer with another specialist, who will give a more detailed answer to any question. Applicants for such vacancies in the web studio should be able to request the necessary information, plan the structure of the pages and determine the final product.

Web Designer

Even the smallest web studio job offers a variety of vacancies, since the creation of a web product requires a variety of knowledge. One of the most basic specialists is, of course, the website designer, who deals with artistic and graphic design. That is, this person is responsible for the attractive appearance of the product, he creates a functional menu, beautiful buttons and interfaces, draws layouts. His professionalism determines the first impression of the client about the service.

Version designer

Good web-studio offers jobs coders not often, because such specialists are worth their weight in gold. Their job is to layout pages. In other words, codifier embodies the idea of a web-designer project in a standardized HTML language. As a result of his work, all the blocks of a resource can be displayed on different devices - PCs, tablets and phones.

Web Programmer

This is one of the main vacancies in a web studio. This specialist designs the future site, is responsible for programming the interactive elements and acts as a tester. He also monitors the speed of loading the site in the browser, creates contact forms and feedback modules. The programmer checks the accuracy of the entire resource and adjusts the various file routes.

Content Manager

The best web studio, MegaSite, deals with professional website creation. The company, along with other positions, offers the position of content manager. The duties of this specialist include the placement of illustrations and texts of the client, as well as editing or writing author's texts, independent search for photos for various blocks of the online platform.

Contextual advertising

The employee responsible for this item, conducts advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, is engaged in the selection of "keywords" for advertising a specific site, writes attractive ads, calculates the advertising budget, sets up retargeting and targeting, and analyzes the effectiveness of placed ads. Working in a web studio of such an employee allows you to gain a large number of visitors to the online platform immediately after its activation.

Specialist SEO

This person is responsible for promoting the site in search engines. SEO-specialist picks up the appropriate keywords, which greatly facilitates the promotion of a resource, distributes the keywords, minimizing the weight of photographs, optimizing texts and blocks for the "keywords". As a result, the site appears on the first page of search engines when entering a specific user query.

In addition, SEO-specialist is responsible for internal linking by increasing the number of internal links. In his competence is to increase the link mass, which contributes to the reputation of the site in the eyes of search engines.


From all of the above it can be concluded that the creation of a site requires the participation of a large number of specialists, each of whom will be responsible for specific tasks. Such a responsible creative process can overpower only a team of real masters of their craft.

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