Contextual advertising
Google Ads

Contextual advertising makes it easy to attract new customers for your business in the shortest possible time
We implement
Search Engine Advertising
Search Engine Ads on Google with the right tagline to drive high traffic of potential customers to your site
Banner advertising
Banners with advertising proposal will be shown to your target audience and bring them to the site
Product Advertising
Run product advertising for your online shop via Google Merchant
We will set up advertising to the audience, which was already on your site and "catch up" with it online
Targeted advertising
We target your ads according to all parameters of your target audience
We provide 2 services simultaneously to maximise the results of your website
Video Advertising
We play your commercial on Youtube and reach the maximum audience.
Google Ads
PPC cases
Sale of apartments for a residential complex
Increased website traffic due to low-frequency requests in the TOP and reduced cost per click
Скриншот 1
Manufacturing of stairs
- 211%
Reduced cost per click
Скриншот 2
Bakery products
Increase in the number of orders
Скриншот 3
Tourist excursions in The UAE
Site traffic increase
Скриншот 4
Rating of IT companies in Ukraine 2021
Rating of Ukrainian web studios 2021
Competition WEB AWARDS 2020
Rating of IT companies in Ukraine 2020
Rating of Ukrainian web studios 2020
7 steps to an effective
contextual advertising
Analysing the site and competitors
We analyse the site for problem areas. We analyse your competitors and identify their weaknesses
Preparing a Strategy
We develop a strategy to achieve the goals in an effective way
Setting up Analytics
We set up an analytics service to monitor the progress of the ad campaign
Setting up and running the advertising campaign
We set up an advertising campaign in accordance with the strategy and launch it.
A\B testing, Monitoring and analysis of AC
We analyse and adjust the performance of the RC for maximum impact
We optimize the settings of the ad campaign to reduce the price per click and increase the CTR indicator
Report and Plan for the Next Period
We provide you with the report and create a list of objectives / tasks for the next period
days needed to launch the RK
man working on a project
from 3
years average experience of specialists
from 30
hours per month we work with RK
number of search phrases
days reporting period for the project
Zollex Group
Рожков В.Ю.
Zollex Group

We have not regretted our choice for a second. Yes, this is how we can characterize our cooperation with Megasite web studio. After all, they exceeded all our expectations.

It was very important for us to get a high-quality result that would meet all the requirements. The whole team works like clockwork, because they promptly and smoothly responded to our requests. We were surprised by the speed and quality of the services provided.

As a result, we wanted to get a high-quality, fashionable and modern website, corresponding to the status of our company, and we got it. However, among other things, we got the best friend and implementer of our plans - this is the Megasite web studio. We thank the whole team for the work done.

And we are very glad that we chose you, because you provided us with really high-quality cooperation with an incredible result!

Internet shop
Шимбарева Е. В.
Internet shop ''GRANI''

I did not regret choosing a partner to implement my ideas into a full-fledged, functional, profitable online store.
Cooperation with Megasite is the right decision.
I plunged into the world of creativity, creation, participation, creation and real magic.
You just had to draw, dictate and write, and then real miracles happened!

Undoubtedly, this is the hard work of professionals in their field, and not a miracle!)
But working in this mode, seeing the participation of every Megasite employee (as if your project is the only one) - you involuntarily believe in magicians and wizards! :-)

Reliable workers exist! Miracles happen! Profitable projects are quickly implemented!)
Thank you! Good luck! Conquer new heights and always go beyond horizons!

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Setting up contextual advertising from the web studio Megasite

Business owners want to increase sales, and potential customers quickly find the necessary goods or services. Contextual advertising was created for this purpose. Today it is the most effective way of solving problems and one of the main sources of information. Advertising text corresponds to the keywords that users enter, so untargeted displays are excluded. Ads are selected based on the rating. To do this, the headlines must match the entered query, and the link must lead to a page with quality content.

The purpose of creating contextual advertising

Advertising is necessary to promote the site. The main task is to convey the necessary information about the company and attract to the site the maximum number of users, where they can:

  • place an order or a service;
  • register on the portal;
  • subscribe to the newsletter.

Contextual advertising will help to solve such problems:

  • record of visitors to the site;
  • search for new customers;
  • sales promotion;
  • increase brand awareness.

Separately, it should be noted the feasibility of an advertising campaign to attract customers when  creating online stores, new sites, seasonal advertising of goods and services. Internet users have their own specifics, differ from the media audience and require the right approach.

The main systems

To create an advertising campaign, you can use different services, but among the most popular is Google Ads.

GOOGLE ADWORDS - one of the most extensive systems. GOOGLE advantages appreciated by advertisers in many countries.

Quick setup contextual advertising. Ads in the network are available almost immediately after the launch and payment for services.

Due to the advanced settings and a large choice of options for display ads, the system accurately identifies the target audience.

Ads are only open to users who are interested in a particular service or product.

To increase the effectiveness of the advertising company, it is possible to adjust information.

Thanks to the setting of PPC payment can be made only for the result. This means that you can select the action, which by clicking will lead to a purchase or subscription.

It is possible to determine the amount of payment yourself and start the work of Google advertising without large financial expenses.

Types of contextual advertising

GOOGLE provides an opportunity to order contextual advertising of different variants.

Text. Ads are available by entering a query in the first and last 1-4 points. This type of information is shown labeled "Advertising". This text corresponds to the contextual link, which may be open or designed as a fragment of text.

Banner. GUGL contextual advertising is presented as an image and can be placed on partner resources where the use of ADSENSE blocks is provided. This can be a simple picture, a dynamic image (with mini-animation) and interactive (a user can click on the image).

Video ads. An advertisement in the form of a special video clip posted on YOUTUBE or partner resources, which can be accessed by a link.

PPC services from Megasite Web Studio

Our web-studio offers services on creation, filling and promotion of websites all over Ukraine. You can order creation of sites of several types, each of them solves certain problems. If you need a  corporate website,  Landing Page development or contextual advertising, our agency specialists will find the best solution for business promotion.

You can order a contextual advertising audit to verify your advertising company. PPC account audits are performed by certified experts and analysts.