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SEO audit

We conduct a comprehensive SEO-analysis of the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines
We implement

Project Analysis

We carry out business and audience analysis based on market research before the start of all works

SEO site analysis

We perform comprehensive SEO analysis of the site for search engine optimization

SEO audit

We conduct SEO audits of different types of websites. We identify problematic issues and make recommendations for fixing them

SEO in the development phase

We implement SEO in the design phase of the project for further effective promotion in search engines
SEO audit

Work examples

Pet supplies
Traffic increase
Скриншот 1
Rent of special equipment
Traffic increase
Скриншот 2
Building materials store
Traffic increase
Скриншот 3
Traffic increase
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7 steps to an effective
effective SEO site analysis


Website Audit

We carry out SEO audit of the site. We reveal problematic issues and provide recommendations for their elimination

We analyse your competitors

We analyse your competitors in search results and define their weaknesses

Strategy Development

Develop a strategy for the effective achievement of the goals

Formation of the Semantic Core

Using analytics, we select the most profitable keywords for the promotion of the site.

Internal Optimization

We conduct internal SEO-optimization: we work with the meta-fields, titles, texts, images on the site

External Optimization

We conduct the purchase of articles and links on carefully selected sites of good quality

We analyse the position of the site

We analyse the positions of the site and their growth dynamics. We form a report and a plan for the next period
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Zollex Group
Rozhkov V.Y.
Zollex Group

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It was very important for us to get a high-quality result that would meet all the requirements. The whole team works like clockwork, because they promptly and smoothly responded to our requests. We were surprised by the speed and quality of the services provided.

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Internet shop
Шимбарева Е. В.
Internet shop ''GRANI''

I did not regret choosing a partner to implement my ideas into a full-fledged, functional, profitable online store.
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FAQ about SEO-audit

SEO audit - check the site for internal errors, as well as whether the resource corresponds to the search engines. The analysis is necessary to effectively promote any online project.

Comprehensive audit is ordered by those who notice a decrease in the position of the site in search engines and a decrease in the number of users interested in the resource. Thanks to the technical analysis, it is possible to fix SEO-errors and bring the site to high positions.

In order for an online site to occupy the top positions of search engines, an SEO audit of the site is necessary. The analysis of the resource helps to identify errors and serious problems that need to be corrected.

Work on the platform will allow the specialist to promote the resource and determine the future prospects for development. Only a professional can cope with the task.

The cost of SEO audit is determined for each online resource individually. Factors affecting the price: the volume of the site, how much time was spent by the specialist on studying and analyzing the data. The audit is conducted to identify and correct errors. This will help to raise the rating of the site and increase profits. The client receives a price list before work begins.

Professional SEO audit of WEB resource with Megasite

Website development in Ukraine is the basis for successful business development. There is a lot of competition in the virtual market and a huge number of proposals on similar topics on the Internet. In Ukraine, a product or service is most often chosen by Google. If the portal is not technically prepared, it will get lost in the online space. The key to effective promotion of the site will be SEO audit. Without a thorough analysis it is difficult to determine the status of the WEB resource and its prospects for reaching the top search engine.

What tasks is solved by SEO audit?

Comprehensive website promotion begins with an audit. The work is aimed at a detailed assessment of the structure, content checks, technical parameters and other indicators. So that, when you enter a query, the search engine quickly found the site, it must meet the requirements of the system. SEO audit will help determine the problems of promotion of WEB resource and show the direction of growth in its popularity. For the prevention and elimination of possible problems, regular SEO promotion is necessary for any site that develops. This is especially true for commercial projects, as they are an important source of information and sales. The frequency of the audit depends on the nature of the project. For small sites, SEO audit experts recommend every 12 months, large WEB resources require a thorough analysis to two or three times a year.

This type of services provides Web studio in Kiev Megasite. A full CEO audit of the site will help to solve such problems.

  1. Identify weaknesses and points of growth. This will allow you to properly allocate and get the most out of the available resources. A good and fast result can give insignificant changes.
  2. Eliminate problems with indexing. Most often, not all pages or unwanted content get indexed by search engines.
  3. Learn about changes in algorithms in a timely manner. Google changes the rules to improve search results. To maintain traffic and positions it is necessary to monitor the changes and adjust the site to the new requirements of the system.
  4. Identify and fix bugs. The cause of the problem may be an upgrade of the engine or the use of plugins.

When do I need a site audit?

The main moments when the SEO site audit is conducted.

  1. A long pause. If you have not been engaged in the promotion or advertising of the site. Comprehensive audit will help determine the readiness of the WEB resource for further work.
  2. The initial stage of SEO promotion. When choosing a strategy for the promotion of the site should identify and eliminate bugs that slow down the work.
  3. Refinement WEB resource. When changing the structure it is necessary to check the presence of errors and compliance with the requirements of search engines.
  4. Improvement of WEB resource development. In the expansion of business and the use of new methods of promotion to increase traffic is carried out SEO analysis.

What is included in the SEO audit?

The work is conducted in several stages. The SEO analysis of the site begins with a study of competitors' projects, which occupy the top positions in search engines. A strategy for further optimization of the resource is formed based on the results of the work. The information obtained will help to avoid mistakes and choose an effective way to increase traffic through internal comfort and external promotion.

When checking the WEB resource perform such work.

  1. Technical SEO site audit. Identification of errors and deficiencies that slow down the work, development of a plan to eliminate them.
  2. Audit of internal optimization. Checked the structure, the quality of optimization of WEB pages, content and effectiveness of the semantic core. Based on the results of the audit, a specialist determines the method of internal SEO optimization of the site.
  3. Audit of external optimization of the WEB resource. The effectiveness of incoming links and their anchors is checked. A plan for a SEO audit of the site is developed.
  4. Usability audit. Evaluates the convenience of the WEB resource for visitors. A set of works is defined to increase conversions and further site development.

You can order a SEO audit for any type of site. The price is formed individually for each project. The final price depends on many factors, including the complexity of the WEB resource, the number of pages, keywords, etc.

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