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SEO optimization
of the site

80% of success in website promotion is correct SEO-optimization
We implement

SEO site analysis

We perform comprehensive SEO analysis of the site for search engine optimization

SEO audit

We conduct SEO audits of different types of websites. We identify problematic issues and make recommendations for fixing them

SEO in the development phase

We implement SEO in the design phase of the project for further effective promotion in search engines

Integrated Promotion

We use a comprehensive approach for the maximum number of key words
SEO optimization

SEO optimization cases

Pet supplies
Traffic increase
Скриншот 1
Traffic increase
Скриншот 2
Rent of special equipment
Traffic increase
Скриншот 3
Building materials store
Traffic increase
Скриншот 4


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7 steps to an effective
effective SEO optimization of the website


Website Audit

We carry out SEO audit of the site. We reveal problematic issues and provide recommendations for their elimination

We analyse your competitors

We analyse your competitors in search results and define their weaknesses

Strategy Development

Develop a strategy for the effective achievement of the goals

Formation of the Semantic Core

Using analytics, we select the most profitable keywords for the promotion of the site.

Internal Optimization

We conduct internal SEO-optimization: we work with the meta-fields, titles, texts, images on the site

External Optimization

We conduct the purchase of articles and links on carefully selected sites of good quality

We analyse the position of the site

We analyse the positions of the site and their growth dynamics. We form a report and a plan for the next period
month of work for the first result
people working on a project
from 3
years average experience of specialists
months needed for maximum results
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days - reporting period for the project
Zollex Group
Rozhkov V.Y.
Zollex Group

We have not regretted our choice for a second. Yes, this is how we can characterize our cooperation with Megasite web studio. After all, they exceeded all our expectations.

It was very important for us to get a high-quality result that would meet all the requirements. The whole team works like clockwork, because they promptly and smoothly responded to our requests. We were surprised by the speed and quality of the services provided.

As a result, we wanted to get a high-quality, fashionable and modern website, corresponding to the status of our company, and we got it. However, among other things, we got the best friend and implementer of our plans - this is the Megasite web studio. We thank the whole team for the work done.

And we are very glad that we chose you, because you provided us with really high-quality cooperation with an incredible result!

Internet shop
Шимбарева Е. В.
Internet shop ''GRANI''

I did not regret choosing a partner to implement my ideas into a full-fledged, functional, profitable online store.
Cooperation with Megasite is the right decision.
I plunged into the world of creativity, creation, participation, creation and real magic.
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Undoubtedly, this is the hard work of professionals in their field, and not a miracle!)
But working in this mode, seeing the participation of every Megasite employee (as if your project is the only one) - you involuntarily believe in magicians and wizards! :-)

Reliable workers exist! Miracles happen! Profitable projects are quickly implemented!)
Thank you! Good luck! Conquer new heights and always go beyond horizons!

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FAQ about SEO-optimization

SEO optimization depends on how many language versions and what regions the client wants to see the site in. It also affects what ranking the site has now, the number of keywords. In general, the price is determined by the time the specialist spends to bring the online store into high search engine rankings. Content must be unique, there is a lot of work to be done with tags.

SEO optimization can take from 2-4 weeks. The determining factors are the size of the site, how many key phrases are needed. The competitiveness of the business is also important, because when there are a lot of competitors, it is more difficult to promote the product. We employ experienced professionals who have knowledge in SEO and know how to apply them. The wishes of our customers are always taken into account.

SEO optimization allows you to bring the online site to high positions in search engines. Search engine optimization encourages more users to visit the site, who might be interested in the entrepreneur's products. One-time work with the site will not give good results. Regular actions in this direction are necessary.

Professional SEO website optimization

In today's world to present and sell products or services can be online. Business is gradually moving to the Internet and website development in Ukraine has become a necessity for any company. Availability of its own WEB resource will help expand the audience of potential customers, which has a positive impact on business development. To attract traffic and increase profits there are many channels, a good result gives the SEO optimization of the site.

What does SEO-optimization do?

Great competition in the virtual market complicates the promotion of his product. The professional SEO optimization of the WEB resource will help to solve the problem. This type of service provides Web studio in Kiev Megasyte. In the development of the project specialists take into account individual business needs. The main task of website promotion is to attract interested users wishing to purchase a product or order a service. Application of marketing tools allows to increase profit of any company, irrespective of business direction.

The working process includes external and internal optimization. The first option is aimed at increasing the number of links, which increases the number of visits to the WEB resource. Internal SEO site optimization involves a number of works related to technical setup, interface, content, usability.

To achieve maximum results in SEO promotion you can use several channels simultaneously. With this approach is able to expand the range of target audiences, as well as determine a more effective way to promote the WEB resource.

Professional SEO optimization gives a positive result.

  1. Durability. As a result of the work done manages to consolidate the advantageous position of the site in the extradition system, Google, which attracts the attention of users, increasing the target traffic.
  2. Increase of conversion. SEO search engine optimization of new customers to the site, each of which can make the target action and become a customer. As sales increase, the company's profits increase.
  3. Brand recognition in the network. Leading positions in Google and other search engines increase reputation of the brand in the eyes of the target audience.

Stages of SEO site optimization

Each project is individual, but there are mandatory work for all types of sites for SEO optimization from scratch.

  1. Data collection and analysis. Company specialists gather information about the project based on data from online services.
  2. SEO audit of the WEB resource. Identification of errors, drawing up a plan to eliminate them, the formation of a promotion strategy for the site.
  3. Internal optimization. A set of measures aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines, in accordance with modern requirements of the system.
  4. Filling WEB pages. Refinement of existing text or writing a new one. Content should be unique, truthful, interesting and useful to the target audience.
  5. Internal optimization. Filling pages with static weight, for link building safe methods are used.

What does the price of services provided depend on?

There is no fixed cost for promotion in the search engine. Price SEO promotion of the site formed individually for each project. The final result depends on the following factors:

  • promotion region;
  • The amount of semantics;
  • The level of competition on demand;
  • The age of the WEB resource;
  • The technical state of the site at the time of SEO optimization.

Professional website promotion requires time and investment, but in the long term gives a good result and increases the company's profits. Unskilled actions can worsen the situation, so the work should be entrusted to specialists with extensive experience.

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