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Complex web projects

Do you want to implement your idea and launch a start-up? We will expertly assist you in developing portals, web services and social networks
We implement

Project Analysis

We carry out business and audience analysis based on market research before the start of all works

Premium Design

We design the interface and work out every detail of the project

Comfortable CMS

Use customized or standard CMS depending on project requirements

Development of technical specifications

Any project starts with developing clear technical specifications, which is a guarantee of a quality product at the output

Adaptive Version

Mobile first! We devote special attention to developing the mobile version of the project

SEO module

You are fully prepared for effective SEO-promotion of your project

Customized Functionality

Development of functionality of any complexity according to the requirements of the project

Placement on hosting

Place and configure the project on hosting, and connect your domain
Complex web projects

Our approach to the development complex web project

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Your goals - our expertise. Clearly define your business needs and objectives. We listen, we understand, and we offer the best solutions. We communicate at the highest level.
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Analysing your niche is our key axiom for getting things done. We dive into the business, analyse the data, form the best solution
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We do not just create a beautiful design, but make it so that it " sells " your product. Visitors simply cannot leave without ordering
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Project development by experienced professionals, according to your vision and business objectives. We avoid bugs, and meet deadlines
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We always focus on the result. Business growth, reaching new markets, increasing sales and enhancing the company's image is what we give our clients
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We guarantee price, deadline and high standards of quality. We prove this by our experience, portfolio and reputation
We know, how to create tools for business .
Our projects will confirm these words
Online store
Online plumbing store
Corporate website
BIM services company in USA
Corporate website
Construction company
Online store
Manufacturer of bakery products and desserts


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7 steps to an effective
creating a complex web project


Formation of goals and objectives

We define the final goal and the way to get to it. We fix all the wishes in a written form. We draw up a list of objectives.

Market analysis

We analyse competitors and customers. We evaluate successful solutions on the market. We generate a working strategy based on the best solutions for your business. We generate clear technical specifications.

Prototypes and Design

We design the interface of the site. We develop a design that is not just visually appealing, but sells your product to visitors


We develop a project with a division into stages: frontend and backend. Connect custom or popular CMS.


We do thorough testing of the website before the release. We check the visual appearance, functionality, loading speed and all other important points.

Final Result

We optimize the site for search engines and make the release. We set up the site on the server and connect the domain.


We choose the optimal marketing strategy for further promotion and advertising of the site. We start implementing the process of attracting visitors to the site
days of free technical support
the project takes months
persons working on a project
up to 3 design options we provide
hours taken by the project
years the average experience of specialists
Zollex Group
Рожков В.Ю.
Zollex Group

We have not regretted our choice for a second. Yes, this is how we can characterize our cooperation with Megasite web studio. After all, they exceeded all our expectations.

It was very important for us to get a high-quality result that would meet all the requirements. The whole team works like clockwork, because they promptly and smoothly responded to our requests. We were surprised by the speed and quality of the services provided.

As a result, we wanted to get a high-quality, fashionable and modern website, corresponding to the status of our company, and we got it. However, among other things, we got the best friend and implementer of our plans - this is the Megasite web studio. We thank the whole team for the work done.

And we are very glad that we chose you, because you provided us with really high-quality cooperation with an incredible result!

Internet shop
Шимбарева Е. В.
Internet shop ''GRANI''

I did not regret choosing a partner to implement my ideas into a full-fledged, functional, profitable online store.
Cooperation with Megasite is the right decision.
I plunged into the world of creativity, creation, participation, creation and real magic.
You just had to draw, dictate and write, and then real miracles happened!

Undoubtedly, this is the hard work of professionals in their field, and not a miracle!)
But working in this mode, seeing the participation of every Megasite employee (as if your project is the only one) - you involuntarily believe in magicians and wizards! :-)

Reliable workers exist! Miracles happen! Profitable projects are quickly implemented!)
Thank you! Good luck! Conquer new heights and always go beyond horizons!

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Our pride

Questions on project development

MEGASITE team specializes in projects of any complexity. We develop web applications, communities and portals, web services, products for startups. Our studio fully considers individual requirements and pays special attention to development of non-standard functionality and design. We work with different spheres of business and are not afraid of new challenges

Development of technically complex projects can not be fixed, because each site or application is as individual as possible and requires a different approach. Price and timing depends on the amount of work, complexity of solutions, design, involvement of narrow specialists

Without a competent terms of reference it is impossible to create a quality website, especially when it comes to a complex web project. Our experienced project managers develop terms of reference taking into account all the goals and objectives to help implement the right product that will really work

Creating a website has become a mandatory attribute for any business. But the competitive environment is intensifying, each company is fighting for consumers and the requirements for WEB-resources are increasing. If the site started to work incorrectly and generate errors due to a large number of visitors, it means that a complete reconstruction and development of the Web portal is required according to new rules using modern technologies.

Features of complex projects

Website development with the use of innovative technology is a special kind of Web service creation of non-template Internet sites, which are ideally suited for the solution of specific goals. When looking for the right strategy for their business, entrepreneurs have to turn to specialists for help. The complex development of web services is carried out on the basis of an individual solution, taking into account the business goals pursued. The cost depends on the volume, design, and required tools, and will be higher than for generic options, but in the long term, the financial cost is fully justified.

Any project with atypical use and a unique set of tools can be called complex. Specialists web studio in Kiev  are ready to develop design and functionality for specific business purposes and create any non-standard web portal.

The company website should provide WEB-pages with information at the user's request. Today, static resources are being replaced by the development of a Web portal. This is the best way to invest in the development of the firm. Such solution will simplify and optimize the process for business owners and customers.

Web portal site development from scratch is a tool that allows you to realize ideas and create a successful project. The program helps to automate the work process with the received information and to keep records depending on the needs of the company in different directions. WEB-portal is installed on the server, system functionality depends on the features of the project and customer requirements.

Development of complex WEB projects

Creating complex sites is a long, multi-step process. To develop the interface a team of specialists uses an individual approach and optimal resources, which allows you to present the customer a unique project, which has no analogues on the Internet. The interface of complex sites and portals is created taking into account the sphere of business, factors and processes, which influence the company's activity. A competently designed Web service, with an exclusive structure, will be an effective tool in business operations and will raise the status of the company.

The key to the success of the project is determined not only by unique ideas and the creative approach of specialists, but also by the observance of key stages. Large-scale systems include corporate websites, social networks, online stores, electronic exchanges.

Creation of a WEB project starts with a thorough study of competitors' data and demand for goods or services provided, the target audience is determined, and then a work plan is made.

Technical Requirements

The SRS include detailed characteristics of the resource, taking into account the wishes of the customer. The document serves as the basis on which all professionals involved in the development of the project rely. At the stage of forming TOR, the structure of the site, the sequence of categories, navigation, etc. are determined.

Interface development

The specialist develops the style of the system elements, determines the overall concept of a false resource, software modules. The customer is offered several options from which he can choose the most suitable and the price is negotiated.


WEB pages are created according to agreed layouts, in different browsers they can display the same way. Specialists offer an adapted design of the site, the content should display correctly on different devices.


At this stage, specialists combine the design and functional part of the project. Programmers install complex tools that are not provided in the standard versions. A complex site is created on a popular platform with licensed versions, which can be used for projects of different types.

Filling the content

Pages are filled with graphic and informational content. At this stage, they place videos, photos and other information that will be available to users.


Specialist monitors the functionality of the WEB resource, identifies bugs, and eliminate all the shortcomings.

The choice of domain and hosting can be carried out at any stage. Upon completion, the finished WEB project is transferred to the customer.

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