Turnkey website development

We don't create a website for our customers - we create an effective tool to attract new customers, enhance your image and brand awareness.


Site development stages


Formation of goals and objectives

We define the final goal and the way to get to it. We fix all the wishes in a written form. We draw up a list of objectives.

Market analysis

We analyse competitors and customers. We evaluate successful solutions on the market. We generate a working strategy based on the best solutions for your business. We generate clear technical specifications.

Prototypes and Design

We design the interface of the site. We develop a design that is not just visually appealing, but sells your product to visitors


We develop a project with a division into stages: frontend and backend. Connect custom or popular CMS.


We do thorough testing of the website before the release. We check the visual appearance, functionality, loading speed and all other important points.

Final Result

We optimize the site for search engines and make the release. We set up the site on the server and connect the domain.


We choose the optimal marketing strategy for further promotion and advertising of the site. We start implementing the process of attracting visitors to the site
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Questions on website development in Ukraine

Development of a turnkey website has certain stages, each of which is equivalent in importance. First, we understand your problem and analyze the niche, competitors, CA. On the basis of these data we make up terms of reference for the project, approve it with you and begin the process of development - drawing design, layout, programming, testing. After that we launch the site and give it to you.

The cost of site development is calculated individually for each project. The price may increase depending on the complexity of the site, its functionality, unique or template design, the number of specialists involved and their qualifications, the time spent on development. We can evaluate your project after consultation.

Development of a website of the business card or landing page type takes from 4-5 weeks. If we are talking about more complex products, which require drawing the design from scratch, launching unusual solutions, adding a large number of pages and writing complex content, the development of such a resource takes from 4 months or more.

Development of turnkey websites in Ukraine

Representatives of small, medium and large businesses are increasingly interested in website development. The Internet offers a number of new opportunities for companies:

  • here you can introduce potential customers, partners, investors with their products or services;
  • Increase trust and loyalty to your business;
  • Expand the target audience and convert it into new customers.

Having a quality website and the right online promotion helps the company to scale and increase revenues.

Business that does not have its own website is unlikely to have a competitive advantage. Our web studio in Kiev MEGASITE deals with professional creation of websites of different complexity. You can order a website on a turnkey basis.

Website development in Ukraine: their diversity

Our web studio deals with development of effective websites in Ukraine, using modern technologies and methods. The price depends on the type of WEB-resource, the number of pages, required functionality, etc. If you are interested in creating web sites in Ukraine, apply to our company. We will develop from scratch or a template for the following types of projects:

  • landing page is a one-page website, calling for a specific action, it allows you to generate more leads, increasing the number of sales;
  • Internet-shop - multipage trading platform with product cards. We create template online stores and trading platforms from scratch, connect the payment instruments, create convenient personal accounts for users and much more;
  • The corporate site - is the resource, improving interaction with clients. We develop sites with individual solutions and template projects;
  • complex web projects - the resource allows you to launch a start-up or implement an idea in a form in which no one has ever done. This can be web services, social networks, applications.

In addition to development, the IT company is engaged in SEO-promotion and contextual advertising. This allows you to increase the visibility of the site in the top output and attract new customers. Thus, you get not only a ready tool for sales, but also interested visitors. Be sure to set a definite goal, which should be achieved after the launch of the Web resource. Our company is carrying out a complex of work, which allows the client to get the best result.

Development of sites on a turnkey basis: stages of the project

Usually customers are interested in developing websites on a turnkey basis. This is a full cycle of resource creation. As a result, the customer receives a ready, working tool for their business goals. The main stages in the development of a turnkey website:

  1. Gathering information - analysis of companies in the same niche, the study of competitors' strategies and the target audience of the client's business, a detailed acquaintance with its activities.
  2. Drawing up terms of reference, which approves the work plan, implementation strategy, functionality, specify terms, payment terms, etc.
  3. Drawing of the design - it can be a template or is thought out taking into account the colors of the brand, type of activity and other nuances.
  4. Layout - PC and mobile versions are designed for different screen resolutions.
  5. Programming - selects the appropriate CMS, prescribed page codes. This affects the functionality, opening speed and much more.
  6. Content filling - adding graphical and textual content to pages, writing SEO-articles.
  7. Testing - specialists check the work of all the components of the finished project and fine-tune what can be optimized.
  8. Additional work - after the development of a resource client can order technical support, regular addition of content, promotion.

The price of services may be higher if the customer needs to develop the site along with the online-promotion. But this should be paid attention to improve the efficiency of the project.

Approach to website development in MEGASITE team

An IT company MEGASITE approaches to tasks in a comprehensive way. We have big experience in projects of different complexity and volume. Our company employs experienced programmers, designers, project managers, testers. Their coordinated work allows you to create a profitable online resource.

We create individual and template sites, we optimize the timing of the order in accordance with the objectives. Have ideas and you are looking for a team to implement them? Come to us for a free consultation where we will answer all your questions about the development of websites and their promotion on the Internet.

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