How much it costs to promote a website in 2024

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
19 Feb 2024
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How much it costs to promote a website in 2024

How much it costs to promote a website in 2024

No matter how functional and convenient the site is, it will not be of any use to the business if there is no targeted traffic on it. SEO-promotion closes this issue, because with the help of optimization to the resource come buyers and customers. How much is the promotion of the site in 2024, how exactly the price is formed and what exactly is the importance of SEO for business - read in our article.

The price of SEO in 2024 - what it consists of

SEO promotion is one of the most effective methods of web promotion and attracting traffic. But in the market, the cost of this service can vary significantly through many factors, including the amount of work to be done.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization (aka technical optimization) is a pool of actions to improve the quality of the resource in accordance with the requirements of the search engine and users. At this stage the following actions are performed:

  • eliminating duplicate pages;
  • optimizing page loading speed;
  • adding an SSL certificate;
  • improving the structure of the resource;
  • internal re-linking;
  • filling in meta tags - Title and Description;
  • image optimization;
  • micropatterning.

If there are technical defects, a detailed ToR is prepared for programmers to correct problems in the project.

This is an enumeration of basic work on the internal optimization of the site. The cost of this stage depends on the number of pages that need to be analyzed. The more of them, the higher the price will be. As a rule, the minimum cost starts at $700.

Semantic core collection

One of the key stages of promotion is precisely the collection of semantics. Thanks to this kernel in the top of the search engine will be those or other pages with the right keys. Collection of semantic core is the most voluminous stage of optimization and requires enough time to process all key queries.

After collecting the semantic core, SEO specialists cluster this data and the output is groups of queries united by one topic. As a rule, one such topic is one separate page on the site.

The price of semantics generation varies depending on the number of categories and user requests. For example, the cost of semantics for an online store will always be higher than for a company's corporate website.

If you are interested in online store promotion and prices for this service, we invite you to a free consultation at MEGASITE. Our managers will analyze and evaluate the project and answer all your questions.

SEO audit: cost

Analysis of the site, which shows how well it meets the criteria put forward by Google. Analytics allows you to find weaknesses, problems in indexing, and correct errors on pages.

As a result of the audit, the specialists have the following data:

  • on which positions of the site is currently located;
  • site visibility dynamics;
  • link mass analysis;
  • content exploration;
  • resource usability;
  • the correctness of the structure;
  • actualization of the semantic kernel, if it was already there before.

We want to emphasize that SEO audit should be conducted regularly, as it demonstrates how visible the site is to the search engine, and allows you to adjust the promotion strategy.

The price of an SEO audit depends on the number of pages on the site, the topic, the number of indicators that need to be checked. The larger the resource and the deeper the analytics should be, the higher the cost will be.

SEO copywriting

An important role in SEO-promotion is assigned to SEO-texts that will be not just written for Google, but really interesting and useful for readers. In essence, SEO-copywriting is a quality article that responds to the user's request, easy to read, structured, completely unique, relevant, with true information based on verified sources. But at the same time, such a text also contains correctly inserted key word forms.

The price of copywriting depends on the depth of development of the topic, the complexity of the terms of reference, the professional level of the author. This price also includes the work of optimizers, who are responsible for drafting the TOR, and content managers, who add the finished texts to the site.

Content marketing and crowd marketing

We would like to say something about the role of content marketing in promotion. This strategy perfectly complements SEO, increasing the audience's trust in the product through useful and engaging content that does not directly advertise the brand. While SEO reaches people who already know exactly what they want, through content marketing a company builds its image and creates the information environment it needs.

In addition to content marketing, auxiliary tools for SEO promotion are crowd marketing. Its essence is to publish recommendations and comments in social networks, forums, blogs, etc.


You definitely can't do without this tool for web promotion in 2024, because high competition dictates the use of all tools for website optimization. The advantages of linkbuilding in SEO are as follows:

  • with the help of this method builds up the reference mass to the desired resource;
  • Quality links increase the authority of the site when indexed in Google;
  • from third-party resources through these links to the site come targeted visitors.

The cost of crowdfunding services directly depends on the number of links that need to be placed and the sites on which they should be left. On average, the price for one link starts from $10.

What factors determine the final cost of promotion

The methods and tools that are chosen for promotion depend on the website promotion strategy. It depends on the age of the site, its type, brand recognition, products, etc. You can learn more about this in the article How to develop an advertising strategy.

Factors to consider when researching the price of promotion on Google include:

  • the size of the site - how many categories, pages, products, etc.;
  • region of promotion - in large cities, as a rule, the competition for positions in the search engine is higher, so optimization work in this case will have to do much more;
  • age of the site - the "younger" the resource, the more difficult it will be to promote it in search.

IT-company MEGASITE offers services for professional optimization of your resource. Our team successfully combines "classic" SEO-promotion with innovative search engine optimization techniques. Call +38 (095) 1000 119 for a consultation or leave your data in the feedback form on the website.

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