Website promotion in the EU

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
22 Dec 2023
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Website promotion in the EU

Most companies that operate online are not locally based. Such a business has every prospect for successful expansion, scaling to a foreign market and increasing sales. One way of development is to promote websites in European countries. What gives business the EU market, what criteria should meet the website, and what difficulties can a company face? We will talk about everything in this article.

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Website promotion in Europe is suitable for whom

When drawing up a promotion strategy, you should clearly understand that not every business can be expanded to the markets of other countries. Everything depends on the demand for the niche, the company's ability to meet EU safety standards, the type of goods, etc.

Considering the promotion of online business in European countries, we can single out niches in which there are prospects for Ukrainian companies to develop:

  • IT services and services;
  • online services (design, copywriting, SEO, etc.);
  • food products;
  • exclusive author's clothing and interior items;
  • ceramics;
  • home textiles;
  • handmade toys;
  • various ecological products made of natural materials;
  • furniture made of wood.

If niche analysis has shown that entering the European market on the Internet is a realistic task, and your goods or services fully comply with the rules of importation and sale in the European Union, we move on to the next stage. The second step is the adaptation of the site or online store for the international market.

Features of the promotion of sites in Europe

The first thing that should be understood when building a promotion strategy is a large linguistic diversity in the countries of Europe. Therefore, without taking into account the regional peculiarities can not do without, because based on this you will collect the semantic core and create content for the site.

It should be understood that language differences are present not only from country to country, and from region to region within each country. Depending on the area, people may speak certain dialects. Therefore, when studying the market of a particular country, special attention should be paid to the issue of language.

Secondly, the vast majority of Europeans use Google, so when optimizing the site will have to work with the algorithms of this search engine.

Website promotion in Europe

Technical requirements for the site when entering the European market

Studying the options for promoting commercial sites in Europe, we have two options - either optimize an existing site, or create a new resource that meets the requirements of the country of interest.

Choosing a domain

The choice of domain name depends on the country in which you plan to promote. Each state has its own national top-level domain. For example, in Ukraine it is .ua, in Austria - .at, and in Spain - .es.

If you plan to promote the site in several European countries at once, we advise you to choose one of the international domains:

  • .com - for commercial organizations;
  • .biz - for business;
  • .org - for non-profit organizations;
  • .info - for information portals.

Gathering semantics

Semantic core is a list of keywords and phrases that target visitors will use to search for your products or services. Collection of kernel to promote the site in Europe should be done in the language of the region of promotion. It is also worth considering dialects, stable expressions, cultural features of the local population.

When entering a new market can not immediately count on the first positions on high-frequency queries, as they are the most competitive. Therefore, special attention should be paid to medium-frequency and low-frequency queries. Collect not only general commercial, but also geo-oriented key phrases, so SEO-promotion sites will give the first results sooner than for general high-frequency phrases.

Internal optimization of the site

Internal optimization for website promotion in Europe includes the following stages:

  • website audit (if it is decided to promote an existing resource, rather than create a new one);
  • prescribing tags;
  • elimination of duplicate pages;
  • correction of errors in the code;
  • internal re-linking;
  • page loading acceleration.

High-quality texts written in the language of the target audience are of primary importance when promoting sites in different regions of Europe. Only content that is written taking into account the mentality, culture and language peculiarities, can cause trust in the CA. Otherwise, site visitors will be wary of the use of imprecise turns and stylistic errors in the description of products, terms of purchase, delivery data.

The quality of content also directly depends on the competently drafted TOR. If the SEO-specialist will put the task, which has too many keywords and overestimated test indicators, then even a native speaker will not be able to write a human quality text that inspires confidence in site visitors.

External optimization

The next stage of promotion of an online store or other commercial resource is to build up the reference mass. The ranking of the resource in the search engine depends on the number of references. The more links and mentions leading from other sites, the more reliable the online store looks in the eyes of Google. But do not forget that these sites should be of high quality and authoritative. Only in this case, the search engine will take into account their link mass.

As for the cost, the price of website promotion in Europe depends on many factors - the occupancy of the niche, the current state of the site, the goals to be achieved, etc. Therefore, each project should be considered and evaluated individually.

Web studio in Ukraine MEGASITE has extensive experience not only creating, but also promotion of sites abroad - optimization for different regions and in different thematic niches. We offer services with a guarantee of the result that will bring your business an expansion of the audience, recognition and increased sales.

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