Web application: what it is, types, advantages, working principle

16 Dec 2023
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Web application: what it is, types, advantages, working principle

Web applications are firmly entrenched in the experience of Internet users, and often they don't even realize that they use them on a daily basis. What a web application is, how it differs from a website or smartphone app, and how this tool helps companies develop and increase sales - all of this will be discussed in this article.

Web applications - what they are and how they work

A Web application is software that opens directly in a browser or phone window. In this case, the user does not need to install the application on a PC or laptop and occupy its memory. All files are hosted on services, from where the information is sent directly to the user.

Visually, few people guess that it is a web application that is used, as it looks like a standard website as much as possible. However, the main feature of the first tool is its high functionality: working with data online, editing photo and video files, selling/buying goods and so on. The main thing you need to work is a stable access to the Internet.

When we talk about how a web application works, you should know the following fact. Regardless of the sphere in which web-applications are used, for communications, eCommerce, financial sector - this tool works according to a single system. There are three components of the product - the client part for interaction with the user, the server part, which is responsible for internal processes, and the database, where all the files are located.

Advantages of web-applications

We want to emphasize right away that a web application is no better than a mobile application or a classic website. However, there are a number of situations in which this solution looks more logical and effective for certain projects:

  • web apps are available on all devices and browsers. Therefore, the user can open his account on any medium without being tied to a specific gadget;
  • save memory, especially for cell phones;
  • can be easily scaled compared to the mobile version;
  • web-applications do not need to manually install new versions, as the information is updated automatically;
  • it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a web product than a mobile version;
  • web applications often have a higher level of security because their data is hosted on a remote server. This makes it possible to make information less vulnerable to hacking compared to software for smartphones.

In general, the advantages of web applications give us a great mechanism for realizing a wide range of functionality and direct communication with the audience.

The main difference between a web app and a website

The difference is that a website contains static information that is intended for familiarization. If we consider web-application, then here we will talk about actions and complex functions - the user not only familiarizes with the information, but also directly interacts with it. For example, book tickets, buy goods, conduct transactions, correspondence and so on.

One of the peculiarities of web-applications is that they have extended authentication. Once the user has logged into his account, he has the ability to create, upload and perform other manipulations with content.

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Web-applications - types, advantages and working principle

Types of web applications

All web products we know can be divided into three broad categories. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • SPA applications are single-page applications that have dynamic updates. This is a page with a static base, and it is updated only a certain element that the user needs. Among the advantages of SPA technology is the fast loading speed due to inconsistent communication with the server;
  • MPA applications - a multi-page application that constantly keeps in touch with the server and completely updates the page after each user action. Unlike SPA, MPA is easy to SEO-promote and is great as an e-commerce web application;
  • PWA apps - this product combines the properties of both a mobile app and a web app. This page can be opened both in a regular browser and saved as an icon on the desktop of your gadget. At the same time, such a product can partially work without an internet connection.

Above we have considered the types according to the structure of the construction of the site. However, there are other classifications of web applications. Types by purpose, which answer the question "What are web applications for?":

  • eCommerce sphere;
  • social networking;
  • educational platforms;
  • programs for working with data;
  • corporate portals for internal office work;
  • booking systems (tickets, hotels, etc.).
  • courier deliveries.

Development of mobile applications and web-products allows businesses to build quality interaction with their audience, and this in turn directly affects the increase in sales and the success of the company.

Examples of web-applications

At the very beginning of this article, we said that you may not even realize that you have been using web products for a long time:


  • project and Task Management. The most popular product from this niche is Trello;
  • online editors. These services allow you to process text, photos, videos, create illustrations. The most famous examples are Google Docs, Photoshop, Canva;
  • booking and tourism. Web products that help us look for hotel rooms, book airline tickets, search for tourist excursions in any country - Airbnb, Booking;
  • social media. Web versions of Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Zoom;
  • e-commerce. Platforms with a convenient interface for searching, selecting and making a purchase of the desired product - eBay, Amazon, ROZETKA, Prom.ua;
  • online banking. Providing access to personal accounts and bank services through web-applications. A popular example is the desktop version of Privat24.

Web studio in Kiev MEGASITE invites you to a consultation, where we will consider in detail the possibilities of using this technology in your project. To order web-application development or discuss cooperation, leave a request on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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