Corporate website: from idea to release

28 Dec 2023
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Corporate website: from idea to release

A corporate website is an online representation of a company. With the help of this tool, the business presents itself and its services, tells about its activities and provides all the necessary information to customers, partners and employees. About what is a corporate website, about its differences and advantages - we will tell you in this article.

What functions performs a corporate site

If we consider a corporate resource from a technical point of view, it is a multi-page site, which presents all the necessary information about the company.

A corporate portal has, on average, from 15 pages and contains comprehensive information about the business - there is a presentation of the company, and its goods / services, reviews, contacts, catalog, introduction to employees, corporate blog, etc. However, this information can vary depending on the type of corporate portal, but we will talk about this in the next section.

The development of a corporate website enables a business to fully communicate with its customer base and be a great point of interaction with partners.

The main purposes for which a corporate site is created are:


  • presentation of the company and its history - a detailed description of activities, the way of formation, values, mission, etc.;
  • placement of information about goods and services - introductory or detailed data about products or services with the ability to immediately make an order or contact a manager;
  • placement of documentation for customers and partners - publication of permits, including licenses, quality certificates, etc..;
  • formation and maintenance of corporate image - the site should have a corporate style, broadcasting image and values, presentation of expertise. All these components work to build the image and brand, making the company memorable, and broadcasting the right meanings. Therefore, when developing the design of corporate B2B site is given special attention;
  • attracting partners and customers - if the initial goal of the corporate site is to build communication with customers and partners, there should be different mechanics of interaction. For example, chat, feedback form, full contact information;
  • attracting new employees - the company website can also be used to find the right staff, publishing vacancies and telling about the life of the team.

A corporate portal should contain all comprehensive information that may be of interest not only to clients, but also to possible partners and employees.

Corporate website: the path from idea to release

Types of corporate websites

When we talk about a modern corporate website, we mean not only portals created exclusively for large companies. There are three types of resources, each of which has its own characteristic features and advantages for this or that type of business:


  • corporate business card site - a small portal (on average, on 5-10 pages) with a simple structure. It contains basic information about the company's activities, its services, methods of communication, reviews, etc. This format is quite enough for the presentation of a small business;
  • corporate website-catalog - such resources in addition to information about the company contains a catalog, presenting their product line. As a rule, there are no prices and shopping cart, as the goods are shown for review only. However, there are catalog sites where you can order immediately. If the company sells its products through a distributor, the catalog may contain full product descriptions, instructions, official photos/videos, data on representatives who have licenses to sell the products;
  • corporate info-portal - in addition to the pages typical of a business card site, here much attention is paid to the company blog. Often such an info-portal acts as an element of content marketing. Due to useful informational materials business builds its image, works on recognizability and loyalty of the target audience.

Regardless of the type, the creation of a corporate website involves careful elaboration of each page and section. IT-company MEGASITE develops for its clients corporate sites that meet all requirements, bring profit and work on the reputation of the business.

Main sections of the site

A successful corporate website that gives business results may contain the following information and sections:


  • about the company;
  • products and services offered by the company
  • terms of cooperation;
  • vacancies;
  • authorization documentation;
  • customer/partner reviews;
  • corporate blog;
  • latest news;
  • company contacts;
  • receiving feedback (chatbots, feedback forms, dialog boxes);
  • getting to know the team and management.

Requirements for corporate websites

The development of a company website should be approached as an investment that will later bring customers, increased profits and new partnerships. Therefore, at the stage of creating a corporate web portal, it is important to pay attention to a convenient and modern design, as well as architecture.

The main requirements that are put forward to company websites are:


  1. Adaptability of the resource - pages should be correctly displayed on all devices: on PCs, smartphones, and tablets with different screen resolutions.
  2. Fast loading - pages should load within a few seconds, otherwise the user will just leave.
  3. Ease of use - the logic of the resource should be easy to understand, and the design should be intuitive.
  4. Multilanguage - for the convenience of users are created several language versions of the resource. As rules in Ukrainian and English.

Web studio in Kiev MEGASITE offers services in website development for companies, as well as comprehensive resource promotion both in the Ukrainian and international markets. Years of experience of our team allows us to guarantee the result for clients in the form of scaling business, increasing profits and increasing brand recognition.

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