Cost of website development in 2024

18 Jan 2024
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Cost of website development in 2024

One of the main questions that MEGASITE studio faces when initially discussing projects with clients is: "How much does a website cost and how is this price formed?". In this piece, we will look at all the fundamental factors that affect the final cost of creating a website in 2024.

The importance of understanding development pricing

When considering the issue of the price of website development in 2024, we want to emphasize that the creation of an online store, corporate website or Landing page is always an individual project, not a template solution. Of course, when we talk about types of sites without custom development, we can mention some template solutions, but they are used here only as point tools, and not as a general approach to the realization of the project.

A website is created based on the client's needs and business goals. Under these requests we offer a number of solutions, which are then realized in your site. Each project is completely individual, so the cost is calculated individually. No two online stores are the same, even if at first glance it seems so. These sites differ in design, complexity of solutions that are used, structure, functionality, catalog, etc., and it takes a different amount of time developers.

The number of hours that specialists spent on the creation of the website, and will be a key indicator in calculating the cost per project.

However, some average data is still available. CEO of IT-company MEGASITE Sergei Kolozenko for a long time is a member of the community UA Web Agencies. In it an informative survey was conducted, which showed the following results.

According to the survey, the largest number of projects (29%) last year was carried out with a budget of 10-30 thousand dollars.

Average budget for website development in 2023

Among other things, the UA Web Agencies study also indicates that in 2023, the most common (35%) IT company rate was between $31 and $40 per hour. In second place is the figure of 26-30 dollars per hour.

Average rate of IT companies in 2023

After we have explained the principle of website pricing for businesses, let's move on to the specific factors that affect the price of website development in 2024.

Cost of development by type of website

As we have already mentioned, the cost of website development is directly related to the number of hours spent on the project. The more complex it is, the bigger budget is needed for its realization.

Different types of resources require different amounts of time. So, a one-page site will cost much less than a site for e-commerce, because they have a completely different structure and functionality.

If we consider a one-page, its main function is for the user to make a targeted action (leave your contacts, fill out a form, go further down the chain of the sales funnel, etc.). The functionality and volume (number of pages) of such a project is minimal, and its key feature is a competently composed design and content from a marketing point of view. Therefore, the development of Landing Page, as a rule, requires less time than other types of resources.

An online store consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of pages, and assumes a number of functions for convenient shopping:

  • catalog with an intuitive search function;
  • checkout and payment for purchases;
  • personal cabinet and order tracking;
  • admin panel;
  • the ability to leave feedback;
  • sending notifications, etc.

Development of an online store usually takes from 2 months. The cost of eCommerce development and time directly depends on the number of product pages and features the client wants to see.

Corporate website development includes pages with information about the company, its services or products, contacts, corporate blog, latest news, customer reviews. To create a corporate portal can take a lot of time, it depends on the amount of information that needs to be placed, the presence or absence of a catalog of goods, the complexity of functionality, the presence of admin panel. Therefore, the price of a turnkey site can vary greatly.

Stages of site development and their cost

The cost of the site is also calculated based on the work that needs to be done at each stage of the project:

  1. Strategy and CA analysis. At this stage, the niche is studied, digital solutions of competitors, the needs of the target audience. Based on this data, goals are set, the logic of the resource is thought out, the end result is outlined. All this is spelled out in detail in the TOR - a document containing all the technical requirements for the resource. The cost of developing a site strategy and the terms of reference depends on a number of factors: the number of specialists involved, the complexity of the task, etc.
  2. Creating a prototype of the site. The designer draws the structure of pages, location of blocks, using company colors, and gives the prototype to the customer for approval.
  3. UI / UX design. When the prototype is approved, begins drawing all pages of the resource in the smallest detail, thought out the logic of use, user-friendliness, informativeness, etc. The cost of website design in Ukraine may vary depending on the performer or agency to which you apply. But it should be understood that this is one of the key elements of the resource, so quality work can not be cheap.
  4. Front-End development. Realization of the client part of the product (interface).
  5. Back-End development. The internal part of the website, which is on the server and hidden from the eyes of ordinary users.
  6. CMS. The final cost of the website depends on what admin panel will be chosen - already ready CMS or custom development with individual functionality.

How the cost of development in 2024 is determined in practice

The main points that affect the final price of websites in 2024:

  • what type of website is needed - a landing page, catalog, online store, etc.;
  • how complex the structure should be
  • how many pages the site should contain;
  • whether it is necessary to collect the semantic core or the client already provides it;
  • complexity of design and presence of visual solutions, e.g. 3D animation;
  • what functions should be present - integration with payment systems, personal cabinet of the client, various calculators.

If you want to order a website development with a guarantee of the result, we invite you to a free consultation in MEGASITE. Our managers will answer all your questions and make a preliminary calculation of the project cost.

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