Corporate website development on Laravel

15 Mar 2024
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Corporate website development on Laravel

Corporate website development on Laravel

Need a complex, multi-structured site of high quality? To create a corporate website on Laravel, developers use a wide range of functionality that allows you to make a clear architecture, work with an efficient caching system, routing. The ability to use the PSR-4 standard increases the readability and extensibility of PHP applications, which makes them more structured and easy to work with.

Thus, Laravel is your option if you want to create:

  • e-commerce site (online store);
  • social network;
  • news portals;
  • blog site;
  • corporate website on Laravel to automate business processes within companies (chat rooms, CRM, order and inventory management system, etc.).

For more details on how Laravel php framework is convenient, read our article.

What is Laravel

Laravel is an advanced open source website development platform that is great for creating modern web applications for both small and large projects. The program code is written in PHP and is designed for developing websites using the MVC template.

The platform offers a huge number of tools, templates, and features that make building a website on Laravel much easier, and many of them are free of charge. Among them:

  • ready-made CMS - resource content management systems;
  • Horizon is a Redis data dashboard;
  • Nova - admin panel;
  • Lumen is a microframework;
  • Socialite - authorization via social networks;
  • Cashier - work with subscriptions (invoices, creates payments).

On the plus side, Laravel is connected to an active developer community and also provides extensive documentation, making it easy to work with the platform.

Laravel's main advantages

Simple projects on Laravel can be created within one working week. Developing a complex website will take more time, but thanks to the wide range of features, the developer's possibilities are almost limitless. And these are not the only advantages of creating a corporate website on Laravel.


Laravel provides high security for a project on the php framework. Different tools are used for this purpose, including:

  • built-in authentication system, which ensures secure storage of passwords;
  • XSS and CSRF defenses;
  • SQL injection prevention.

The Laravel framework is actively maintained and regularly updated to respond quickly to new security threats and ensure application security.


The platform provides high scalability, which enables applications to effectively grow and evolve with the business and its increasing needs. Website development on Laravel allows you to achieve this due to the following factors:

  • A flexible architecture that makes it easy to add new features, components and services to a web application;
  • Performance optimization through caching, deferred loading, database queries and other tools;
  • Horizontal scaling, allowing new servers to be added to handle increasing load;
  • Vertical scaling, which gives you the ability to replace some components with other, more powerful components, increasing overall performance;
  • integration with external services, which extends the functionality of a business website and helps to properly distribute the load between different services;
  • powerful queuing system for asynchronous processing of tasks, which offloads the main components of the application and provides more efficient use of resources.

Thus, by ordering a website on Laravel, you can be sure that you will be able to develop it effectively in the future.

Creating a layered architecture

Developing a corporate website on Laravel allows you to easily create a multi-tiered web application architecture, which is an important aspect for creating complex and scalable resources. For this purpose, the platform provides such capabilities:

  • routing HTTP requests to controllers, APIs, for the administrative part, etc.;
  • distribution of site logic between controllers for processing HTTP requests and services for executing business logic;
  • different types of templates that can be incorporated into the structure of a corporate website;
  • ORM (Eloquent) for efficient database operation and management;
  • creating a services layer that will contain the business logic of the web application, which will help to share responsibilities and make the resource more flexible and modular.

Thus, the tools and features that Laravel offers allow you to efficiently organize and structure your code to ensure scalability and flexibility of a complex resource.

Stages of website development on Laravel

Developing a corporate website on Laravel consists of these steps:

  1. Study of CA, its interests, needs, expectations.
  2. Definition of tasks and the purpose of the future resource, on which the TOR is drawn up, where its features, functionality, mechanisms for the realization of different tasks are described in detail.
  3. Creating an architecture - from major to minor, taking into account the terms of reference.
  4. Work on design and navigation.
  5. Front-End development, during which the designer's ideas are turned into computer-understandable code and the connections between different pages are worked out in detail.
  6. Back-End development, when a programmer works with the back-end of the portal - server, database, logic and so on.
  7. Multi-stage testing of corporate website for bugs, fixing them.
  8. Release - publication of a corporate resource on the Internet.

Working on a corporate website is a complex process, which is best entrusted to professionals. IT company MEGASITE invites you to a free consultation, we will analyze your project and offer the best solution for your goals, business needs and budget.

Corporate website on Laravel by MEGASITE

If you order a corporate website on Laravel from IT company MEGASITE, you will get a unique resource that fully meets your project and requirements. Over the years we have launched hundreds of reliable sites on Laravel. In addition, we provide technical support for resources engaged in its scaling.

Order a corporate website on Laravel in MEGASITE and get a resource that will be user-friendly and profitable.

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