Website redesign

16 Oct 2020
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Website redesign

Website design for a rapidly growing enterprise must necessarily be the same with the growth of the company. After a few months, the design developed may cease to be relevant. In this case, there is a need for an update - a redesign. MEGASITE takes TOP10 in the rating of web studios in Ukraine. Its specialists perform the work quickly and efficiently.

What is a website redesign

Are you wondering what a redesign is? Everything is pretty simple. This operation is not only a change in appearance, but also updates related to the very structure of the website (modernization). It should meet the requirements of the target audience as much as possible. At the same time, they will be identical to the needs of the company.

Redesigns need to be done regularly. So you can show users that your organization is developing, always follows the latest fashion. This allows:

  1. increase the credibility of the company;
  2. create a positive image;
  3. increase the growth of interest in the site from new visitors.

Once you see what positive changes such an update brings, there will never be any questions about why to change the design of the site.

What is included in the redesign

Based on the tasks set by the customer, modernization may include:

  1. Logo redesign - used when the site is outdated. This is possible with a change in the direction of the institution, a merger or acquisition of an organization.
  2. Updating colors, fonts, styles - perhaps you need to change the design to a more modern one or one that will look like a logo.
  3. Adding / changing content - removing content that has become irrelevant, providing conditions for reducing page load times. This, in turn, has a positive effect on interaction with search engines.
  4. The introduction of animated components - when creating a site, such components allow not only to attract customers. With their help, you can improve the conversion.
  5. Development of HTML code - such operations have a positive effect on search engine promotion.
  6. Usability optimization - involves the development of a simple but comfortable menu, clear website navigation, filters for information search.

Website redesign

When to Redesign

Redesign is worth carrying out in several cases:

  1. template design is used;
  2. the site is made on the constructor;
  3. persistent technical errors;
  4. lack of compliance of the site with the requirements of visitors;
  5. low level of attractiveness of the website;
  6. website design is outdated.

In all of the above cases, the intervention of a highly qualified specialist is necessary. The advantages of website redesign are so obvious that it is not worth talking about them once again. Once you try it and see the result, you are guaranteed to update the website regularly.

Redesign stages

This process is quite difficult. It requires step-by-step execution for the most effective result. The first step is the definition of technical specifications for the design of the site. Specialists make up the purpose of the development, the target audience, the purpose of the visit.

The second stage is the analysis of the state of the site. Masters study every component of the website. After that, they begin to draw up a modification plan. After carefully considering each change, specialists develop a redesign and implement it.

Upon completion of the work, the updates are tested. You need to check how the site opens in different browsers, on different monitors. Usability testing is also carried out to improve the website.

If you don't know where to start redesigning your site, contact the experts.

Variety of options

There are such types of redesign as:

  1. Visual. This view consists of changes in color design, images, animation. The design remains virtually unchanged. But it looks much fresher and more attractive. This update helps increase conversions. True, in some cases the result of the work can not be seen. This is possible when visitors like the updated design less than the previous one. Therefore, be especially careful. Be sure to evaluate the situation before performing the upgrade.
  2. Functional. Creating a site in Ukraine of this type provides for a deep update. It provides for updating the product section, services, menus, search filters, etc. The need to perform a functional modernization of the website arises at the moment when the resource becomes inefficient, uninteresting to customers. After all, the convenience and comfort of visitors is always in the first place. If the volume of data is constantly increased, and usability optimization is not performed, this can lead to a decline in business. Therefore, the redesign should not be delayed.
  3. Technical.. Website development often involves writing program code. When updating, the efforts of the performer are aimed at optimizing the code, reducing the duration of loading pages. All this affects the position of the site in the search results.
  4. Deep redesign. It concerns every visual element, functionality, code component.

Website Design Trends 2020

New trends in web design, first of all, touched on mobile gadgets. Every day more and more people are browsing different sites from their phone. This led to the need to adapt sites to mobile devices, which could not but affect the trends of 2020.

In addition, the following are popular in website design 2020:

  1. storytelling;
  2. white space;
  3. logo responsiveness;
  4. studio minimalist photos;
  5. bright colors;
  6. non-standard arrangement of blocks;
  7. full screen video;
  8. geometric shapes.

The best web studio MEGASITE offers projects made in accordance with the trends of the year. Specialists work together with customers to achieve maximum results.

Price aspect

The cost of website design depends on:

  1. scope of work;
  2. delivery dates;
  3. additional customer requirements.

Contact manager the web studio in Kyiv for more information. Contact details are listed on the company's website. Choose the best.

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