Website development concept

16 Dec 2020
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Website development concept

Creating a corporate website is a lengthy process consisting of several stages, without which it is unlikely that a worthy product will be made. Before ordering a website in Ukraine, you need to decide on the target audience, focusing on its basic needs, which will become a key driver in the web strategy.

Megasite, a web studio in Kyiv with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, offers a step-by-step and deep immersion in the specifics of business development, since the development of a website concept is closely related to specific tasks, the existence of which the customer may not be aware of.

Starting to develop the concept of the site and its implementation, using a set of tools that have proven their effectiveness, you should determine the main purpose of creating a web resource.

In fact, the goal determines the customer's motivation and the choice of tools necessary for developing a web resource, since this is a rather laborious process that requires concretization, detailing and consistency in achieving the goal. By the way, we recommend that you study the material from the article  «How to start developing a site

What is the concept of the site

Development of the site concept is the preparation of a specific document that contains information about all the key parameters of the future site. Often, this document is the most important reference point in working with the customer.

However, the site development concept is only a sketch, indicating the direction of the movement of the team of specialists involved in the design of the site.

At the initial stage of acquaintance, the customer already has an idea about the structure of the corporate site and its basic elements, but only in general terms, so it is possible to make strategically important changes.

It is important to develop the perfect design for your website  - read about it!

The concept of the future site

Description of the future site

The structure of a corporate site refers to the logical placement of all pages and elements of a web resource. The development of the site concept is the formation of the semantic core of the resource, due to which its SEO promotion is determined.

Details in the concept of the site are important, but not at the stage of its planning, since it is much more important to pay attention to the division of the product catalog into a female, male or children's audience, which is a strategic decision, than its design. The importance of evaluating a concept by ensuring it is tested on real users should not be discounted if the customer doubts the effectiveness of the chosen concept, or simply plans to prove its performance on real consumers.

Determining the design of the future site

The development of the creative concept of the site allows you to determine the style of the site, its graphic content, according to the existing concept of the site, which is the driving force behind the design project.

At the design stage, you need to have the clearest idea of what the customer should get as the end result contributes to an accelerated movement towards the main goal - increasing sales or expanding the target audience, building the right brand image or attracting more loyal target groups.

Website concept design - what is it

The development of the site design concept involves the implementation of the requirements and wishes of the customer, which are the basis of the terms of reference. Often planning the design concept of the site consists of several stages that determine the quality of product development.

After a detailed study of the product or service of the customer's company, the web studio team makes a general idea of ​​the place of the researched brand in the competitive market when it comes to a unique service or product.

Correct positioning of the brand and the use of new generation technologies contribute to the active development of the project. Visual effects and animation will distinguish the project from the corporate sites of other companies.

Website design concept

Stages of website design concept

  1. After collecting information about the service and product, you can proceed to the development of technical specifications with the main requirements of the customer.
  2. The creation of sites in Ukraine also involves a detailed study of the design of all pages of the site in order to convey to the target audience of the resource a sense of the integrity of the finished product.
  3. The next step is the layout of the site pages, whether it is an online store, a corporate site, or a Landing Page.
  4. Website layout - what is it and why is it needed? As well as programming, including landing on a CMS, a specific site content management system.

Site prototypes

Of course, the concept of developing web sites determines the direction of movement, but without prototyping it is hardly possible to talk about the development of a full-fledged product. Prototyping is about turning interface ideas into reality. During UI/UX development, designers think about the details that have to do with the placement of buttons, fields, and the location of important content and additional information.

The protocol is used by designers and programmers to further develop clickable project elements. Creating an online store, corporate website or Landing Page from scratch requires not only attracting a certain amount of money, but also time and effort for its successful implementation.

Website prototype

Site functionality selection

The development of the technical concept of the site is no less important than the creation of the creative concept of the site. The technical concept of the site means the development of communication modules that are convenient, safe and comfortable for the target audience, which make the resource more functional and useful in relation to interaction with a potential client.

Why is the development of functional models so important for the customer? Often, the revision process requires additional funds, which can increase the cost of the project. It is much more convenient and economical to make changes at the design stage of the site, having thought out the basket and product cards in advance, if we are talking about creating an online store.

In the case of developing the concept of a site focused on a multilingual audience, one should consider the possibilities for integrating the tools that are needed to work with the target audience from different countries of the world.

Development of technical specifications

When the concept of the site is approved with the customer, it was possible to reach a consensus on its structure, graphic elements and functional modules, the development of the terms of reference becomes a top priority.

What is a technical task? Despite the seeming simplicity of drafting the terms of reference, this document still requires the attention of many specialists from a web studio involved in the creation of an online store, corporate website or Landing Page.

Detailing is one of the main requirements for drawing up a technical assignment, since each item of the document must be written in such a form that the customer has no doubts about the effectiveness of the project. A clear language is the key to the success of the project being developed, since there is no need to additionally decipher the main points of the terms of reference. No less important is the absence of inaccuracies and generalizations, and value judgments should be avoided when drawing up the terms of reference.


MEGASITE  — is the best web studio in Kyiv whose area of ​​responsibility includes the creation of websites for online stores, corporate websites and Landing Pages, taking into account the immersion in the specifics of the customer's business development.

Currently, MEGASYT is included in the top 20 web studios in Ukraine, providing high-quality collection and analysis of information for a detailed study of the concept and a real project of the final product.

The team of web studio specialists focused on the implementation of tasks of varying complexity, an individual approach to the implementation of visual effects and functional models. Website development in Ukraine

is closely related to a high level of responsibility, which falls on the shoulders of not only the CEO, but also designers and programmers.

One of the important advantages of cooperation with MEGASYT is a well-defined structure, a staged implementation of the tasks set by the customer, thinking through important details and elements that ensure the integrity of the final product. Due to the presence of the concept of the site, it is much easier to ensure an accurate hit in the target audience of the customer's business.

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