How to start website development?

24 Sep 2020
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How to start website development?

Website development is a set of actions aimed at creating a web project in order to develop your own business. This task must be done by professional craftsmen. After all, it is not an easy task. If you do not know how to start developing a site, contact MEGASITE specialists.

What are the types of sites

At the moment, experts distinguish the following types of sites:

  1. Landing Page - landing or landing page. It is a one-page website with a special application form.
  2. Promo site (presentation) - the main task is to attract attention, remember information.
  3. A business card site contains clear and important contact information about the organization, the goods and services provided.
  4. A catalog is a kind of business card. It has a built-in catalog of goods and services. May have sections and subsections.
  5. Online store – on the page you can not only see, but also purchase goods. It provides the functions of payment, checkout, contacts for communication with specialists of a trading institution.
  6. A corporate website is a website that fully tells about the company, its employees, news, goods, services.
  7. Blog - has articles that can be added at any time. In addition, a person can comment on entries.

Terms of reference for the development of the site

Where to start creating a website? From the development of technical specifications (TOR). It is a document that contains general information about the company, tasks, requirements regarding the structure, design, content.

There are five stages in the development of TK:

  • collection of information about the organization, project;
  • semantics, structure, navigation;
  • prototypes and interaction scenarios;
  • SEO content;
  • technical requirements.

The terms of reference for the development of the site allows you to save time, costs, guarantee the result of work, increase the efficiency of cooperation.

Content Management System (CMS)

Creating sites involves the development of a CMS management system. It is a software shell that allows you to edit the content of the page online. With the help of such a system, control is carried out without the involvement of additional devices and skills.

There are paid and free management systems. The free ones include:

  • WordPress;
  • Joomla;
  • Drupal.

The most popular website management systems are Bitrix, NetCat, DataLifeEngine.

Website development involves the selection of a management system based on the tasks of the Internet project. It also takes into account the financial capabilities of the customer and preferences regarding the deepening into the details of a particular CMS. If you have any difficulties with the choice, contact the consultants of the web studio.

Site functionality

Functionality is what makes a page useful to the user. The development of websites that are integrated, having various functions, requires strict adherence to the rules, the stages of creating information-type systems.

Decided to make a page? Do you already know what style it will be made in, what design is chosen? Do not hurry! It is worth starting from the development of functionality. Even if it's not a very fun and interesting task.

If you work out the functionality before you start choosing a color scheme, fonts, images, you can avoid many mistakes and save time on rework.

Stages of functional development:

  • strategy;
  • identifying opportunities;
  • structure development;
  • layout;
  • design development.

How to start website development

Site design

To assess the quality of the organization's work, look at the place in the rating in Ukraine that the web studio occupies. This indicator immediately points to professionals. MEGASITE is among the first on this list. Specialists approach the development of a website with maximum responsibility. The design created by them is able to surprise, attract people, and remain in their memory for a long time.

The design of the site has an international level of quality. It is convenient, logical, aesthetic, relevant. Customer reviews confirm this.

The design of the site is carried out in accordance with the established tasks. On their basis, experts determine the tools, means for work. Web studio specialists come up with a unique design, without the use of templates. In doing so, they do the work step by step:

  • preparation;
  • discussion;
  • definition of style;
  • layout development;
  • approval and delivery of the project.

If the client is satisfied with everything, the project is closed.

Integration of different systems

In search of answers to the question "How to create a website?" you will definitely meet the integration of different systems. There are several of them:

  1. E-mail is a service that provides communication between the user and the site.
  2. SMS – the user receives by message a case of information (login / password) that is needed to enter the website, order data.
  3. Delivery systems - with their help, you can almost immediately get all the answers to your questions about the purchase.
  4. Payment systems - allow you to pay for services remotely.
  5. Goods accounting system - combines the site with a data warehouse.
  6. CRM is a system that includes a program for collecting customer data, managing transactions, monitoring performers, analytics and forecasting.
  7. Special integrations - software.

Budget for the development and timing of the creation of the website

Studying the portfolio of a web studio, everyone is interested in the cost of services. It depends on:

  • control systems;
  • functionality;
  • additional customer requirements.
  • delivery deadlines.

Specify the terms of delivery of the finished site at the time of registration of services. Please note: the less time to work, the higher the cost of creating a site.

Site structure

The site structure is the arrangement of its main sections and pages relative to each other. As a rule, it is transmitted in the form of blocks that are connected by arrows.

A web studio in Kyiv offers clients to develop a different site structure:

  • linear;
  • block;
  • treelike.

How to start building a website


The creation and promotion of sites involves filling it with high-quality content. Experts recommend preparing it at the initial stages of developing web pages. After it can be supplemented, slightly changed. But the "skeleton" must be originally. This will give you an intuitive structure.

The concept of "content" includes the selection of text, photos, videos, music. They must match the theme of the page. If you do not know how to develop a website, where to start, we recommend that you conduct analytics and draw up a list of necessary materials.

Website promotion

The MEGASITE company occupies the TOP10 in Ukraine. She offers not only to create your website, but also to promote it after development. This service provides for the implementation of a number of activities aimed at attracting new customers, partners to the company.

Promotion is carried out in several stages:

  • competitor analysis;
  • formation of the primary core of search queries;
  • structure development;
  • creating a task for internal optimization;
  • internal linking;
  • content optimization;
  • usability improvement;
  • external optimization.

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