External site optimization

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
01 Oct 2020
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External site optimization

Having your own website, remember that you need to constantly monitor the level of its attendance. If you notice that it has started to crash, we recommend performing internal and external optimization. To do this, contact the experts of the best web studio in Ukraine – MEGASITE.

External website optimization - what is it?

Many people, faced with this concept, think about what external site optimization is. This is a very important factor that affects the effectiveness of promoting various resources. In other words, external optimization is the development of a link profile or getting links to your web page from other resources. The higher their quality, the better for the site owner. This is explained by the fact that such a reference mass acts as a kind of recommendation. The more of them, the higher the authority. Therefore, it is worth carefully monitoring their quality. Especially in an environment where search engines are struggling with SEO links.

There are two groups of external links:

  • permanent (eternal);
  • temporary (dynamic).

Building external site optimization

Website promotion is considered to be a difficult task. There are two stages of optimization: external and internal. Experts recommend starting with the first type. It is best to do this step by step.

Main steps:

  1. Filling catalogs with information. The more directories, the better for page development. It doesn't have to be topic lists. They can be quite spontaneous. The main rule that must be followed to achieve a positive result is the implementation of the rules and step by step optimization. Also, do not forget about the veracity of the data. Better to focus on the benefits of the organization, product, write less text. But do not allow the issuance of false information.
  2. Leave comments on other resources. You can leave end-to-end links to your website. This method is quite simple, but is recognized as the most effective if you want to take a leadership position.
  3. An exchange between two resources. This option is very popular. A person negotiates with the owners of different resources, the topics of which are very similar, and the parties exchange links. This is the most honest and transparent way to get backlinks. The result of such cooperation is noticeable almost immediately. It is allowed to leave links to other resources that have nothing to do with your case. But it all depends on what tasks you are pursuing.
  4. Acquisition. You can place rental links to your site for money. As a rule, these are the most frequently visited resources. Search engines consider such a link normal. Therefore, their efficiency is quite high.
  5. Posting links. In some cases, website owners negotiate with the organizers of sites on the Internet to place content with a link to a personal resource. Such a system works without a hitch. The site owner prepares a text on a topic that is close to the style of the site. A link is inserted here. As a result, one side of cooperation receives free content, the other - page promotion. But you should be extremely careful. Turning to unscrupulous organizers, your link may simply be deleted as a result.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done before you start off-page optimization:

  • internal optimization;
  • copyright SEO-optimized texts;
  • web page usability.

Only a competent approach to promotion will provide you with a positive result upon completion of the work.

Website development by professional craftsmen is the first step to making a profit. At the moment, many experts offer not only to create, but also to promote your site. The choice is yours.

Methods of external optimization

Website promotion involves the use of various methods. Each specialist uses different methods.

Most popular methods:

  • social networks;
  • thematic resources;
  • directories;
  • forums;
  • link exchanges.

Most often, links are simply bought on the exchange. Here you can find everything you need depending on the requirements. The main thing is to clearly understand the task.

External site optimization

Where to buy links

Website promotion involves the purchase of links. All of them are divided into 4 groups, which have their own characteristics.

Purchase of links can be carried out on various services. Particularly popular are:

  • Miralinks;
  • Sape ;
  • Gogetlinks.

Link exchange - what is it and how to choose it

The link exchange is a system for buying and selling backlinks. With its help, masters buy links in order to increase the mass to the website that is planned to be promoted.

The choice of exchange must be reasonable and professional. After all, the future of your site directly depends on it. Therefore, we recommend contacting trusted specialists.

There are several types of exchanges:

  • rental;
  • eternal links;
  • crowd links;
  • automatic purchase.

Donor site settings

In a certain topic, under different conditions of competition, special requirements are put forward for the performance of websites. The main ones are:

  1. Donor Site Trust. If the indicator is low, respectively, the effect will be the same. And vice versa.
  2. Subject fit. This can be checked manually. The more identical the donor is to your site's theme, the better. This will strengthen the link. It is not recommended to collect profile links from blogs. For example, to the site about the library from the page of the builders.
  3. Spam level. Indicates outgoing links that negatively affect the development of the site. They are the main obstacle to SEO promotion.
  4. The presence of an AGS filter. With external optimization, this is unacceptable. After all, such filters can reduce the position of the site.
  5. The value of the TCI (thematic citation index) of the donor. This indicator shows the authority of the donor, more precisely, how Yandex evaluates it. It is determined by the sum of the weight of the external link. The larger it is, the stronger the influence of the link from the donor.
  6. The presence of a donor. The indicator indicates the benefit of the link from the donor for further promotion.
  7. Participation in stock exchanges. It is best when the donor participates in popular exchanges.

Checking the above parameters is possible on the service Checktrust.

How to get links to your site

Site promotion involves getting links to your website. There are many options for this:

  • purchase on the stock exchange;
  • registration in the site directory;
  • registration in the catalog of articles;
  • posting information on forums and blogs;
  • exchange of articles with other platforms.

When drawing up an offsite optimization strategy, do not forget to monitor the quality of the links.

Main methods of external optimization

Each specialist promotes sites in their own way. He has proven methods that he actively uses in his work. When building links, they most often use:

  • placement in directories;
  • promotion through articles;
  • attracting customers with promotional offers;
  • creating reviews;
  • satellites.

The latter method is considered quite risky and costly. For promotion, mini-pages with basic information are created. If a person is interested in it, he can click on the link and go to the main resource. This link strategy is not always effective. That is why it is rarely used.

Web studios in Kyiv offer customers the most favorable conditions. The best among them is MEGASITE. Leave a request on the website or by phone immediately.

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