Online store optimization from A to Z

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
26 Oct 2020
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Online store optimization from A to Z

In the field of business on the Internet, you need to be dexterous and always get ahead of your rivals. This is not a simple component of the strategy for developing your business. This is a need, a condition for rapid growth in the face of significant competition. Therefore, if there is a need to optimize an online store, traffic cannot be superfluous. The higher it is, the better the result of the sale, the profit ratio.

As a rule, the user does not open more than the first two queries that the search engine issues. Such organizations naturally receive more referrals and, accordingly, profit. Optimization of the online store will help you, and not your competitors, to take the first place in the TOP.

Why you need to optimize

It is possible to increase the number of sales of goods or services only if interested users visit the site periodically. There are many ways to attract them:

  1. posts on a social network;
  2. advertising posters of various types;
  3. ads.

Each of the above options has its pros and cons. But the most optimal solution for increasing the number of visits is search results.

The more pages that rank high in the search engine, the more users will visit your site. Such people are considered potential buyers. After all, they are purposefully looking for a product. You do not need to pay for a position, moving from organic type lists.

You still have not found the answer to the question, why do you need to optimize an online store? To achieve the maximum visibility of a web page in a search engine, which in turn increases the number of requests, the position of their individual elements.

Internal optimization of the online store

Internal optimization of the online store

This process is considered quite an important basis for the successful development of a website in a search engine. Without it, it is impossible to develop a business on the Internet.

Internal website optimization is the implementation of various activities that contribute to improving the site's rating, increasing turnover. It involves setting up the design elements of an online store, which allows you to identify technical problems and fix them. As a result, the level of trust of the search engine grows, the number of visitors increases.

Internal optimization consists of several stages. Let's try to study them in more detail.

Keywords and semantics

Search engines determine the topic of the page based on the keywords that are presented in the text content. Website meta tags also help with this. The search engine recognizes and analyzes them, and then determines what questions the user can find answers to on your page.

Work on the internal optimization of an online store begins with the analysis of keywords. Experts group them into separate topics, form a semantic core. For this, various services of a specialized type are used, which select the necessary keywords and filter out unnecessary ones. The latter include:

  1. the type of product that is not presented on the website;
  2. names and company names of competitors;
  3. additions of an irrelevant type.

Such a process is long and requires maximum responsibility. Indeed, often an online store consists of many pages, each of which is matched with the optimal group of keys.

Keywords for online store. Semantic core

The structure of the online store

How to start website optimization? After defining the keywords, it is worth starting to develop the structure. To do this, the semantic core is distributed across all pages of the website. This involves doing several things:

  1. redistribution of goods;
  2. changes in the system of categories and subcategories;
  3. creating new pages.

As a rule, an online store is created according to the structure of a tree or hierarchical type. The main page contains links to the main categories, each of which has subcategories. This approach provides familiar and intuitive navigation for visitors.

Meta tag optimization

Optimization of meta tags is rightly called one of the main stages of the creation of an online store. The title and description tags describe the title of the page, a brief summary. They are elements of HTML code.

Search engines use tags to present information about a page in a search result. The position of the site in the issue, the indicator of its attendance depends on how well they are compiled.

Title is a tag that contains the title of the website page. The title text is visible at the top of the browser window as a result of search results. It is present on every page of the site. It is of great importance for promotion.

Meta tags in the development of sites should be:

  1. unique;
  2. readable;
  3. concise;
  4. contain at least one key.

Correct URL or what is CNC?

What is website optimization? This is not only the content that is readable and understandable for the user, but also the URL of the page. It is strictly forbidden to make it in the form of random characters, letters.

CNC URL - stands for Human Understandable URL. This approach greatly facilitates the use of navigation, is taken into account when ranking. When carrying out work on internal optimization, the masters set up the CNC for each individual page that takes part in the indexing.

Micro markup

Optimization of the online store site provides for the implementation of micro-markup. This concept is a special description of individual parts of the content of a web page, which allow you to find out additional data, make their structuring much easier.

As a rule, microdimension adjustment is done to increase the amount of information provided in the snippet. This is done in order to get more conversions.

Due to micro-markup, the online store receives an extended type snippet in the search results. In addition, it creates the conditions for displaying navigation components, evaluating potential customers on the SERP. Therefore, SEO-optimization of an online store with micro-markup is essential for any website.

Image optimization

A prerequisite for creating a site is the presence of high-quality images. After all, everyone wants to see what he buys. Low-quality images indicate a low level of professionalism of the organization.

Decide to order a website in Ukraine, you get a comprehensive approach to the case. Specialists will put on a web page for a few photos from different angles. This will increase the conversion rate by several times, to get more visits from search images.

Do not overload the site with images. After all, they are directly displayed at the page load level. Highly qualified specialists know how to do everything competently and without harming the quality.

Image optimization in the online store

Text content for the website

Search engine optimization of an online store also provides content filling. Moreover, it must be of high quality. For this text:

  1. check for uniqueness (, AdvegoPlagiatus);
  2. assessed for spamming (norm 3% according to Advego);
  3. check for water content (no more than 60%).

Highly qualified copywriters, rewriters know how to do everything right. After all, search engines are sure to take into account the quality of SEO-promotion when ranking the site, users will appreciate when they visit the page.

Blog in the online store

When optimizing a commercial site, you should create your own blog. Here you can publish articles on various topics (according to the product). This will increase your own presence in the search, the number of potential customers on the site.

What is website optimization? With a competent approach, it allows you to determine what can be done to improve the operation of the online store. By developing a blog, you can see what is missing. Can be improved:

  1. subject matter;
  2. content optimization;
  3. frequency and regularity of publication;
  4. relinking articles of internal type;
  5. conversion components.

This will increase the level of trust and ensure the successful development of the organization.

Optimization of text content in the online store. Blog.

Internal linking

It is very important that the internal linking of the site is done with high quality. This will simplify the process of using it, increase the conversion of the store.

The specialists of the best web studio in Ukraine MegaSite do everything possible:

  1. add sections like "similar products", "buy with this product";
  2. place a search menu;
  3. make everything clear and simple.

The main mistakes when optimizing an online store

There are many mistakes made by inexperienced professionals in the promotion of sites. In most cases, this exceeds the measure necessary.

If you want to increase the position of your site in the TOP, you should not oversaturate it with keywords. This may lead to sanctions. As a result, your online store will not only lose its current position, but may even be removed from the index altogether. When performing SEO optimization of an online store, no good specialist will be able to correct this situation in a few days or even weeks. This will take months of long and hard work. This is a waste of precious time and money.

Usability of an online store is the foundation of your website

Usability of the online store

Website usability is the level of ease of use. This includes:

  1. design;
  2. structure;
  3. loading time;
  4. adaptation to different devices.

During optimization, all possible errors will be identified and corrected. This will increase the position of the site in the TOP.

Contact the web studio in Kyiv MegaSite to get acquainted with the case of work. Get the most out of your collaboration.

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