Cost of mobile application development

28 Sep 2023
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Cost of mobile application development

A mobile application gives businesses the opportunity to simplify interaction with customers, as ordering goods or receiving services becomes much faster and more convenient. What are the different types of applications and how much it costs to develop them - let's talk in this article.

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Cost depending on the type of mobile application

If we consider the classification by sphere of application, mobile applications can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • services for internal use of the company;
  • online services (e.g. ticket booking, doctor's appointment);
  • gaming;
  • for e-commerce (online shopping);
  • social networks;
  • content services (language courses, news, etc.).

Among developers, typification is used regarding the types of software with the help of which the product will be implemented:

  • native programs - the most used variant, these programs are created separately for each platform (Android, iOS and so on);
  • PWA applications - adaptive website that opens through a smartphone browser;
  • Hybrid applications - universal solutions that are developed for all platforms at once and combine the properties of both native and web applications. 

As you may have already guessed, the type of service is one of the main factors that form the cost of mobile application development. The highest price here will be for a native program, as you need to create a separate version for each platform and maintain it in the future.

Other factors affecting the cost of application development

There is no single price list for the development of mobile web applications, as each project is individual and is created for the needs of the business. The price can be calculated based on the client's requests, target audience and the functionality that will solve these requests. 

The general scope of work that affects the cost of the application is:

  • complexity of the service structure;
  • controls;
  • presence/absence of integrations with third-party services;
  • server utilization;
  • data storage;
  • complexity of animation.

Each of the listed items affects the development price. The more complex the functionality, the more time specialists spend on its realization. 

Our web studio MEGASITE distinguishes three types of mobile applications depending on their complexity - simple services, medium-level applications and complex services. In order to understand what the cost of mobile application development consists of, let's consider each type in more detail.

Cost of creating a mobile application in Ukraine

Simple application

To realize such a service, you need a simple basic design and implementation of several basic functions. As a rule, such a project requires 1.5-2 months, and the cost starts from $3000.

Mid-level applications

In such a service the design is already more complex, there are 3-5 basic functions, 10-15 screens, a personal account. There can be integration of payment systems, feedback, bonus system, support for authorization via mail or social networks. The time to develop such an application is from 3 months. Cost - from $5000. 

Complex services

Such applications are highly loaded and multifunctional services. 5-10 functions can be implemented in them, and the number of screens is more than 20. There are also complex integrations and payment systems, several data analytics systems are connected, and there are complex animations. It will take at least 8 months to develop a project of this level, and the cost will start at $10000. 

Additional elements that affect how much it will cost to write the application are:

  • a search function;
  • multiple language versions;
  • chat and messaging;
  • map integration;
  • geolocation tracking;
  • registration and authorization;
  • unique design solutions.

It is also worth understanding that the cost may change during the development process on the client's own initiative, if he/she wants to add some features that were not agreed upon at the planning stage of the work.

Stages of mobile application development

Work on the creation of services for smartphones and tablets includes certain stages that must be passed regardless of complexity and functionality:

  1. Analytics - it is divided into two parts: drafting the terms of reference and preparing a prototype. TOR or Product Vision is needed to capture all the requirements for the web application. Developers and designers will work on this document. At the prototyping stage, page layouts are created that give an idea of how the final product will look like.
  2. Design - without this fundamental stage it is impossible to develop a mobile application. Here comes the work with UI- and UX-design. UX-design is responsible for the service logic, internal structure, functionality. The goal of UI-design is to make a harmonious appearance through properly selected colors, fonts, animations, etc.
  3. Application development. At this stage, it is precisely the choice between native and hybrid (cross-platform) development, which we have already talked about at the beginning of the article. The choice of programming will affect the timeline and budget. 
  4. Server part - this stage is most important for such projects as social networks and messengers, i.e. where there is a high load. The server part should work very quickly and maximally correct, while being safe for data storage. 
  5. Testing - this is the stage of checking the finished service, which is necessary to eliminate all possible defects. All the functions of the service, display on different screens, usage scenarios, etc. are checked here.
  6. Placement in stores - to make users aware of the product, it needs to be placed in the App Store, Google Play and sometimes Huawei. For this purpose our team prepares special screenshots, icons, presentation. 
  7. Technical support - applications need to be periodically updated and "tweaked" according to user requests and iOS and Android updates. 

How to choose a company for app development? Study the studio's portfolio and pay attention to whether they have had similar cases. It is also a good decision to test the apps that the team has previously created. This way you will be able to assess the level of professionalism and attention to detail. 

IT-company MEGASITE invites you for a free consultation on your project. Our manager will find out all the details and will be able to calculate the cost of development. Our web studio in Kiev is one of the TOP-3 developers in Ukraine and has many successful cases of web application development of different complexity. To sign up for a consultation, leave a request on the site or call us at +38 (095) 1000 119.

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