The cost of promotion and website promotion prices in 2020

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
19 Nov 2020
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The cost of promotion and website promotion prices in 2020

Faced with СEO promotion, you probably noticed how the cost of such a service differs. Why does this happen? And how to choose the best option? We think that every owner of a web resource has thought about such questions. It's pretty hard to get an answer. After all, you will have to put in a lot of effort for this. And there is no guarantee that your efforts will be justified. We offer to study the cost of SEO promotion together.

SEO promotion rates - prices in 2020

The price for optimizing a web resource is determined only after a specialist has studied your site and niche in detail. This approach is explained by the need to get acquainted with the features of the future task.

We bring to your attention a small list of tariffs. Please note: this is the approximate cost of SEO website promotion. It is based on the experience of the specialists of our company:

  1. Promotion of a young site - the initial price is $ 400. The list is developed based on the younger years of the resource. Website promotion provides a quick exit from the so-called "sandbox" to a decent level, to get your first permanent type of traffic from the search engine in the shortest possible time.
  2. Promotion of the complex type - its cost is slightly higher. The starting price is $550. Includes a complete list of works that are directly displayed on the position of the web resource. One of the tasks of such an integrated approach is to improve the conversion of a web resource. As a result, this significantly increases the SEO ROI.
  3. Promotion by traffic - what is the cost of website promotion in this option? From $0.1 for each attracted user. This type of web resource optimization involves paying for an increase in traffic to an online store, catalog, which is provided with the help of optimizers.
  4. Promotion by positions - will cost you from $ 1 per request. This is a kind of form in which the customer pays only for increasing the position on specific requests.

We have briefly studied the methods of promotion of the resource. Later we will try to figure out why they are good, whether they have disadvantages, what are their main differences.

The cost of SEO promotion in 2020

Features of the formation of the cost of services for SEO promotion

What determines the cost of website promotion in 2020? From many factors, among which an important place is occupied by the payment for the work of all specialists, plus the monetary costs that are needed for the qualitative execution of the task.

The first of them includes the payment of such specialists as:

  • optimizer;
  • programmer;
  • designer;
  • content manager;
  • linkbuilder.

This list includes everyone who is working on improving, promoting a web resource.

The cost of SEO promotion is determined by the volume and complexity of tasks for an individual member of the staff of specialists. The first criterion is very clear. From the number of tasks that a professional faces, the time spent to complete them depends. Accordingly, the amount for the services provided will be higher.

Why is the level of difficulty so important? The thing is that this indicator determines how qualified a specialist should be. And this is directly reflected in the cost of 1 hour of work.

What can be attributed to the associated costs in SEO? Site promotion in this case includes a part of the money that is allocated for rallying links, services of programmers, layout designers.

Related costs can vary. Their cost is determined by the chosen topic, competitiveness in this area.

Also with links. Each web resource that places links of the reverse type to other web resources has its own tariffs. If the competition in this niche is high, you should not expect a low price for links. The possibility of getting free backlinks is quite real. You can do this by using guest posts on publications that are hosted on free information services. But at the same time, you will have to spend money on the preparatory work of high-quality content. Indeed, in this case, the latter must comply with the requirements of the editorial board. And to do this is very difficult.

How much does site promotion cost? The main factors that determine this are:

  1. Domain age. Very important for search engine rankings. Promoting a young website is not easy. After all, it does not have a link history, user confidence. The site will receive all this gradually, in the process of promotion. Start with an LF request. In this case, it will take a little more time and effort. And, accordingly, investments.
  2. The technical state of the resource. In some cases, developing a website is cheaper than fixing bugs in it. Poor quality links, adding optimized text - all this is not free. But these are not critical problems that require urgent solutions. Another thing is technical errors that are unacceptable when developing sites. Their elimination requires much more time, effort, and money.
  3. The number of competitors. In case of increased competition, it will be necessary to occupy high positions in the TOP. And for this you will have to try a little. True, in this regard, a double-edged sword. After all, the presence of competition makes it possible to simplify the process of drawing up a general strategy for the development of a resource. Especially at first.
  4. Link weight. Specialists distinguish such types of links: eternal and temporary. The first type is bought once and forever. True, there is one moment. They can be until the site where they are located is working. Such links are more expensive than temporary ones. And this is quite understandable. Temporary links are bought for a specific period of time. After it expires, they are simply deleted or renewed. The cost is lower. But keep in mind that at the time of the removal of links, the position of the site may also fall.
  5. Site filling. How much does it cost to promote the site, taking into account the content? It all depends on the quality of the content created. It is created for users. Therefore, it is often called a business tool. The more experienced the copywriter, the better. But the cost of the services of such specialists is higher. Not worth saving. This directly affects the success of your business.

The cost of website promotion in Ukraine in 2020

What is included in the cost of website promotion

The price of website promotion in 2020 consists of works that form the search engine optimization of an Internet resource. The main ones are:

  • technical optimization;
  • definition of keywords;
  • structure development;
  • content creation;
  • placement of materials on external platforms;
  • analytics;
  • revision.

What are the methods of SEO-promotion of the site

The price for website promotion in 2020 is determined by the chosen methods. There are a lot of them. Their main differences are the approach to charging and the type of work performed. Let's consider in more detail.

Complex promotion is considered the largest type of work, which includes:

  • maximum expansion of the semantic core;
  • growth of the resource position;
  • maximum ease of use;
  • behavioral factors.

The best web studio in Ukraine recommends this method due to a number of its advantages

  • focus on increasing sales;
  • positive impact on brand image;
  • bringing the maximum number of interested visitors.

True, it will cost you dearly. Yes, and the deadlines have been slightly increased.

Position promotion is an outdated but relevant method. The cost of promoting an online store in this case is determined by the number of keys and the competitive environment. The main advantages of the method are:

  • easy check of the result;
  • work on the image;
  • pay for results.

The disadvantages of the method include the lack of guarantees of sales growth, the contractor's interest only in the position of requests.

Paying for traffic allows you to quickly achieve the desired result. In other words, it is attracting new customers. Creating sites in Ukraine using this method will cost from $ 0.1 per transition. The benefits are obvious:

  • transparency of the partnership scheme;
  • growth in demand for goods and services;
  • increase in search engine trust

But there are also disadvantages: the inability to guarantee the payback and dishonesty of performers who, in pursuit of traffic, can attract an inappropriate visitor.

This method is often used by young sites.

The conversion fee is rightly called the most transparent type of promotion. The user pays only for the number of actions performed. There are several subspecies:

  • promotion with payment for calls;
  • for applications;
  • for the received client.

The main thing is to attract as many applications as possible. Prices for website promotion in 2020 with pay per conversion is from $2 per lead.


High-quality promotion of the site is of great importance for its further work. Therefore, do not treat him carelessly. Trust trusted experts.

MegaSite ranks TOP-10 in the ranking of web studios in Ukraine. This is quite a significant indicator of recognition. All projects carried out by the specialists of this organization are a tremendous success. They are developing rapidly, bringing profit to their owners. Visit the website of the web studio in Kyiv, and see for yourself.

To order a website in Ukraine, leave a request online or by phone. The manager will provide all the necessary information. Trust professionals.

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