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Questions on website development in Lviv

Some people consider the cost of creating websites in Lviv specialists web studio unreasonably expensive. However, if you study the finished product, the professionalism of employees is visible to the naked eye. Here you get an online project, integrated into your business activities.

That is why developing a website from scratch cannot be cheap and starts from $2000. It all depends on the number of pages, blocks, design.

Website development in Lviv is a complex process consisting of many consecutive stages. The time required to fulfill the online project determines its complexity. The more functions, the more time is needed to realize the intended.

The wishes of the customer are taken into account. After all, they determine the TOR, on which the team of specialists is oriented. On average, to develop a web resource, it takes up to 45 days.

To decide to create a website in Lviv, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the projects that we have already completed. The goal of the entrepreneur - to promote the product, to expand the audience, which the product is interesting, and to increase income. With all these tasks will cope with the site from the experts of our web studio in Lviv.

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Creating websites in Lviv

Development and creation of sites in Lviv

To attract new customers, a company needs its own website. Going online expands the possibilities of working with the target audience, which helps to increase profits and brings the business to a new level. Turnkey website development is a complex process that requires concentration from the customer and professionalism from the contractor. The final result depends largely on communication between the client and the developer. Before ordering the creation of a website in Lviv, the customer should formulate an answer to the key questions. This will help the staff of IT company MEGASITE to prepare a project that will perfectly meet the needs and taste of the client, as well as will benefit the business.

Development of websites in Lviv and their types

Website development in Lviv begins with a conversation with the customer, who reports the specifics of the product or services. To create a quality project specialists Web Studio needs detailed information, with all the nuances. A key role in the positioning of the resource can play an insignificant at first glance moments.

Depending on the task at hand, order a site in Lviv can be several types:

  • one-page Landing;
  • corporate;
  • information portal;
  • online store.

The choice of WEB resource depends on the functions it will perform. To present a specific service, seasonal goods, conference, it is enough to order in Lviv the creation of Landing Page. The company, which needs to pass the full information and describe the features of the services provided, a corporate site is suitable. For the realization of a wide range of goods the best option will be the creation of an online store in Lviv. Information portal is suitable for regular delivery of certain information.

After the development of online store in Lviv can be made additional elements, if necessary for its functionality.

Terms of reference for the creation of the site in Lviv

When creating a site is formed by the terms of reference, which reflects all the requirements, taking into account the wishes of the customer. Specialists Web Studio in Lviv rely on it at all stages of project development. Management system is selected individually for each site.

The main points that should be present in the terms of reference.

Target audience

It is necessary to determine who will be interested in the resource. The style of the site depends largely on the gender, age, income of the target audience. Goods or services for young people are not always interested in older people, also of great importance is the cost of the product. It should also be taken into account, the potential buyer will be interested in the retail price or wholesale ordering.


In any project it is necessary to provide for the functionality that users will need. Each site is created to solve certain problems. At the stage of development it is necessary to think through how it will work. Depending on the type of project may require a filter for selecting goods, which will be convenient and understandable to buyers. When developing a site in Lviv necessarily set the version in the Ukrainian language.


Prepares a list of categories of goods or services provided. The information is used to compose the menu and easy navigation. The structure is analyzed by experts, assess the possibility of further promotion of the site, if necessary, make changes.


The text should be literate, truthful, accessible to the average user. Scientific terms, videos and pictures from stock services do not always attract customers. Writing text should be handled by an experienced copywriter, and quality photos will be provided by a professional photographer.


Appearance is the first parameter that the visitor evaluates. Design refers to the main elements, so specialists carefully work on the stylistics, select the appropriate font, color and other graphic elements. When creating websites in Lviv specialists use a ready-made logo, if the company already has one.


Testing of the finished site is carried out on a special service. After eliminating all errors, the client confirms the performance of the work, then receives documentation and all necessary access. Specialists customize the customer's server and transfer the resource to it. At the customer's request, the creators can further provide technical support of the site.

MEGASITE company also provides services for creating a website in Rivne and other cities. The price is formed taking into account the volume and complexity of work.

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