Website development consulting

26 Aug 2021
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Website development consulting

Website development consulting, consulting

In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine doing business without the Internet. Regardless of the field of activity, almost all companies have their own WEB-resources. To obtain maximum profit, they must be used rationally. The development of a project in theory and practice is significantly different, so the demand for the provision of consulting services is quite high. Consultation on the creation of the site allows you to get valuable recommendations from specialists and implement them by the company.

What is SEO consulting?

Website development consulting is a proven way to create a WEB resource that really attracts customers and increases profits. This type of service involves getting professional recommendations for doing business, allowing you to solve certain problems and implement new ideas. SEO patterns are changeable, and acquired knowledge can quickly lose its relevance. Therefore, for help in creating a site, it is better to contact the specialists of the WEB studio in Kyiv, who have some experience in promoting the resource in various directions. The site should be easy to use, and the overall visual style should attract and retain the visitor. In the course of communication with the client, professionals clarify the purpose and objectives of the resource, otherwise it may turn out to be beautiful, but ineffective. It can be visited frequently, but not always by real customers.

Components of SEO consulting

The help of promotion specialists lies in the formation of a plan based on the features of the platform. When developing a website in Ukraine the person responsible for SEO analyzes the features of the resource, its target audience and pays attention to the offers of competitors.


The audit is carried out in order to identify the reasons that slow down the promotion of the resource. When creating a turnkey WEB site, the consultant studies:

  • components of a web page;
  • visual display of the interface;
  • content compliance with common standards;
  • kernel semantics;
  • link building rates.

The information obtained allows you to create a list of primary tasks for finalizing the site.

Development of an action plan

The resource development plan is created using marketing tools, taking into account the goal set by the portal owner. Website development consulting will help:

  • increase sales or the number of orders for the provision of services;
  • bring the site to the TOP;
  • expand the circle of the target audience;
  • brand awareness on the Internet.

Website development consulting. SEO consulting

SEO Analytics

An important area of assistance in the development of the site is to identify the most "working" points of growth. To do this, it is necessary to determine what contributes to the promotion of the resource. SEO analytics includes the study of the direction of the field of activity and the study of competitors.

A thorough analysis allows you to identify the most favorable way to develop your business and prevent the development of critical situations.

The study of the statistical data of competitors helps to understand what contributes to the promotion of the resource in this direction.

Service Benefits

At the final stage of consultation, specialists describe in detail each stage of the portal promotion:

  • a list of tasks for working with the resource;
  • tips for filling the page;
  • strategy for bringing the site to the first pages in the search engine;
  • instructions on how to properly build link mass.

Consulting on the development of the site and its further promotion solves the following tasks:

  • following the recommendations of specialists, it is possible to improve the results of promoting the resource on its own;
    increasing the qualifications of the company's employees in the field of work with the resource;
    identification of the weaknesses of the project and a clear definition of the direction of work aimed at its promotion;
    formation of an action plan for the development of the WEB-resource.

You can order creation of websites in Ukraine for the development of any business sectors. The price is calculated individually for each client, taking into account the volume and complexity of the work.

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