How to make a site for free

17 Jan 2023
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How to make a site for free

When a business or an individual expert has a need for a website, one of the possible options for implementing the project is the independent development of a website on the constructors. Why this is a relative rather than a completely free method, in which cases it will suit you and what its obvious disadvantages are - read in this article.

If you already have a request for creation of a website and you're looking for a performer - we invite you to consultation with specialists of our web studio in Kiev MEGASITE.

Site with a designer - what is it

Site creation through the designer assumes a special tool that simplifies the process of gathering pages of a web resource. Designer - a program consisting of ready-made blocks, it helps to create your own, without the help of IT-specialists small website. Assembling a site on a popular constructor, you can choose a design from a catalog of ready-made templates, logical blocks or the structure of an entire page in accordance with the features of your business.

The most popular designers:

  • Wix;
  • Shopify;
  • Besite;
  • Webnode;
  • Jimdo;
  • IM Creator;
  • Elementor;
  • Strikingly;
  • Weblium.

Listed designers allow you to use free layouts, but this solution has both advantages and disadvantages.

If you are interested in creating websites in Ukraine, contact our web studio MEGASITE. We will develop a web resource in accordance with the allocated budget, necessary functionality and other criteria of your project.

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Pros and cons of the website created on the website builder

Many business owners wonder what's better: the site on the designer or programming. You need to weigh the pros and cons of using special software tools.

Advantages of the designer:

  • Deep skills in the IT sphere are not needed to create a resource;
  • A large variety of ready-made design templates for all blocks;
  • Free basic version;
  • It is possible to create a web resource in just one day.

But it's worth understanding that creating a website on the constructor has pros and cons.

The main disadvantages of using designers:

  • The tool is relatively free, because in order to remove service ads, expand functionality, connect the domain and payment tools, you need to switch to a paid plan;
  • Poor SEO-optimization - constructor-based websites have limited promotion opportunities and rarely make it to the top of search engines; 
  • Non-uniqueness of design: if you do not use zero-blocks, the project will be similar to thousands of others;
  • Slow loading of pages (in recent years, the situation with this indicator is still improved).

If you are interested in creating a template online store or corporate website, but you want to avoid the problems described above, our studio will help you find the best solution for your project with all your wishes.

How to make the right decision

Template sites have advantages and disadvantages. This method of creating web resources is suitable if, for example, you need a simple one-page website, a small site with several pages, or if you want to test the idea. In this case, you can save money and do all the steps yourself. But when you consider in detail the nuances of using designers, it becomes clear that for more complex projects it is necessary to use CMS or development.

The advantages in this case are obvious:

  • it is possible to considerably expand the functionality, create an individual design, and adjust any parameters;
  • SEO-optimization is possible, which makes it noticeable in the top of rendering;
  • Custom development and implementation of non-standard and expensive projects is possible.

Website development requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc., so you can't do without an experienced team. Our studio provides projects of varying complexity. We offer to create a template corporate site, banding, online store or develop a project from scratch. We also promote web resources.

If you still have questions, please contact our managers by phone +38 (095) 1000 119 or via the button "Leave a request". You'll get a free consultation to develop a turnkey website, as well as an assessment of your project.

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