How to promote your site on Google

Pavel Boychenko
Pavel Boychenko
08 Sep 2023
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How to promote your site on Google

The site is created for a specific purpose, it can be selling goods on the Internet, attracting new customers and so on. But no site will not fulfill these goals if there is no traffic. Therefore, for the promotion of the resource is worth talking about promotion in Google. What is it, what are its advantages, with the help of what mechanisms optimization is performed? Answers to all these questions you will get in our article.

Advantages of site promotion in Google

Residents of the United States and Europe, including Ukraine, according to statistics for 2023, use exactly the Google search engine. In addition, the market share of Google is 91%, which makes it the most popular and most used search engine in the world. Agree that investing and working to promote websites on Google is worth it.

High rankings give businesses a powerful boost and scales sales. The main benefits of promotion in Google:

  • your site gets a lot of visitors who are already interested in your products or services. The higher the resource stands in the search engine, the more often people will come to you. According to statistics, users very rarely reach the second page of Google, preferring to choose between the first 10 sites;
  • you get already "warmed up" traffic. As a rule, the search query is entered by people who are already aware of some product and want to either study it better or are ready to buy. Therefore, if your site is on the first places on the query, you will be visited by users who are already interested in you;
  • promotion of a large number of queries at once gives the opportunity to "bring" people not only to a particular product, and the entire site. In this case, you can use keywords so that the same product or a group of products will appear in Google even when entering synonyms and phrases close in meaning;
  • the result from the promotion of sites in Google is saved for a long time. Even if you put on pause optimization or stop doing it altogether, the resource for a sufficient amount of time will retain its position in the search results. But it is worth considering that the more competitive niche, the faster you will be forced out of the top.

The main disadvantage of site promotion in Google, which scares away most owners - it is a large amount of time to achieve results (compared to other methods of promotion). For example, to bring the site on high-frequency queries to the top, it may take 10-12 months. For low-competitive niches, on average, you need to spend 2-4 months.

Advantages of website promotion in Google

Ways to promote the site in Google

There are two ways to promote a site in Google search engine - it is SEO and contextual advertising. Let's consider each method separately.

SEO promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technology to promote a website in Google for specific search queries that are interesting to the company. The basis of the work is to understand the algorithms of the search engine and work with them so that it brings it to the first positions for key phrases.

When building the output, Google's algorithm uses a complex sorting formula that takes into account dozens of parameters. Google does not disclose these criteria, giving only recommendations, what should be the site and the content on it. In general, we are talking about a useful and convenient resource for people. However, in practice, if you have a competitive niche, then no matter how useful the site is, it will not be able to break through to the top of the output, even if the technical implementation and content will be perfect.

SEO for promotion in Google involves the following manipulations with the site:

  • formation of a relevant semantic kernel;
  • writing optimized content;
  • working out the usability of the site and behavioral factors;
  • working out the structure of the site;
  • relinking of pages within the resource;
  • external optimization or increasing the "weight" of the site by placing links on other resources, promotion in social networks (SMM), etc.

We have named the main stages of promotion, while each item is broken down into many tasks that can be performed by different specialists.

Contextual advertising Google Ads

Contextual advertising is customized for the search queries that the business needs, with the site being shown on the first page, at the top before the organic output. This tool helps to quickly attract customers to the resource.

This method of promoting sites in Google allows for a short period of time to increase the number of sales, attract a new target audience and increase the recognition of the company. At the same time, the Google Ads cabinet gives you the opportunity to make very fine-tuned settings of the display of advertising, capturing only the CA we need.

Types of contextual advertising:

  • targeted advertising;
  • search;
  • commodity;
  • video advertising;
  • remarketing;
  • banner.

MEGASITE team in some cases recommends to use both SEO site promotion and contextual advertising at once - this is how we achieve maximum results from resource promotion in Google.

Ways to promote your site on Google

Important ranking criteria

Ranking is the sorting of websites in the search engine's output for a certain query. The top positions are those resources that Google believes are most responsive and authoritative.

The main Google ranking factors are:

  • quality and original content - the website should give people benefit and fully satisfy his query. The texts should be easy to read, unique, structured and written in the language of the user. The same requirements apply to the illustrations used;
  • mobile version - having a mobile version of the website for online business is critical, as most people search for information on the Internet and make purchases using a smartphone. Google's algorithm does not allow to promote to the top websites that do not have adaptation for different screens and devices;
  • fast loading - your resource must load quickly, otherwise the search engine will lower it in the output. At the same time, slow loading pages badly affect the statistics of user behavior, which in turn also lowers its position in Google;
  • periodic updating of semantics - the needs of users over time change, so the semantic core should be periodically reviewed and supplemented with new key phrases.

If you are interested in website promotion services in Google, IT-company MEGASITE invites you to a free consultation on your project. Our web studio in Kiev is among the best in Ukraine, so you can fully trust our experience in promoting web projects. We in turn will do our best to make your website bring as much profit as possible and stimulate business development.

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