Creation of a beauty salon website

Creation of a beauty salon website

If your goal is to increase sales and increase the level of business, then we are ready to help you create a website for a beauty salon. We have been doing web development in Kyiv, Ukraine and around the world for over 12 years.
We implement

Project Analysis

We carry out business and audience analysis based on market research before the start of all works

Animation Effects

Easy and unobtrusive animation to create WOW-effect for website visitors

SEO module

You are fully prepared for effective SEO-promotion of your project

Communication Modules

Modules and forms for communication and requests from the site


Useful modules for communication and information

Comfortable CMS

Use customized or standard CMS depending on project requirements

Development of technical specifications

Any project starts with developing clear technical specifications, which is a guarantee of a quality product at the output


Full-featured blog to increase interest from visitors, as well as for effective SEO

Adaptive Version

Mobile first! We devote special attention to developing the mobile version of the project

Premium Design

We design the interface and work out every detail of the project
Creation of a beauty salon website

Our approach to the development

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Your goals - our expertise. Clearly define your business needs and objectives. We listen, we understand, and we offer the best solutions. We communicate at the highest level.
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Analysing your niche is our key axiom for getting things done. We dive into the business, analyse the data, form the best solution
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We do not just create a beautiful design, but make it so that it " sells " your product. Visitors simply cannot leave without ordering
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Project development by experienced professionals, according to your vision and business objectives. We avoid bugs, and meet deadlines
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We always focus on the result. Business growth, reaching new markets, increasing sales and enhancing the company's image is what we give our clients
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We guarantee price, deadline and high standards of quality. We prove this by our experience, portfolio and reputation
We know, how to create tools for business .
Our projects will confirm these words
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7 steps to an effective
effective beauty salon website


Formation of goals and objectives

We define the final goal and the way to get to it. We fix all the wishes in a written form. We draw up a list of objectives.

Market analysis

We analyse competitors and customers. We evaluate successful solutions on the market. We generate a working strategy based on the best solutions for your business. We generate clear technical specifications.

Prototypes and Design

We design the interface of the site. We develop a design that is not just visually appealing, but sells your product to visitors


We develop a project with a division into stages: frontend and backend. Connect custom or popular CMS.


We do thorough testing of the website before the release. We check the visual appearance, functionality, loading speed and all other important points.

Final Result

We optimize the site for search engines and make the release. We set up the site on the server and connect the domain.


We choose the optimal marketing strategy for further promotion and advertising of the site. We start implementing the process of attracting visitors to the site
days of free technical support
the project takes months
persons working on a project
up to 3 design options we provide
hours of net team work
years the average experience of specialists
Alvikbud Co.
Алексейчик В. А.
Alvikbud Co.

The team of the company "Alvikbud" thanks the studio "Megasite" for the work done, the efforts and efforts made, but most importantly - for the excellent result!

Your team did everything exactly as we expected, the result impressed and pleased us. Despite the fact that we did not hesitate to make adjustments, the work was completed on time, which emphasizes the professionalism of the team and non-standard approach. Throughout the collaboration, our Alvikbud team has felt the dedication, creativity and innovation that has helped us to open up in a new way and impress our customers.

We would like to express our special gratitude for your instant feedback, as timely "feedback" greatly affects the quality of further work and mutual understanding.

We wish you to open new horizons and not stop there, as well as success in further projects and tasks, and of course the creative ideas and forces of the Megasite company!

Company "Kherson Project"
Ходина В. О.
Company "Kherson Project"

The company "KHERSON PROJECT" thanks the web studio "Megasite" for the quality work done and attention to detail when creating a corporate website for our organization. We developed a website for our company for the first time and it was very important for us to have an integrated approach and a complete understanding of our goals and objectives in order to obtain the desired result. The company "Megasite" fully justified our trust and completed all the work

The company "KHERSON PROJECT" thanks the web studio "Megasite" for the quality work done and attention to detail when creating a corporate website for our organization. We developed a website for our company for the first time and it was very important for us to have an integrated approach and a complete understanding of our goals and objectives in order to obtain the desired result. The company "Megasite" fully justified our trust and completed all the work

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Website for a beauty salon - the need to create it

The first question that may arise - why do we need to create a website beauty salon. Such institutions in many cities and everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. But in today's reality - in the age of information technology, things are a little different. And today no self-respecting company can not do without one or more pages in the World Wide Web, advertising their products. Therefore, one of the paramount and important tasks of our time - the development of a website beauty salon.

Why does a beauty salon need an Internet resource

It is very important for the owners of establishments providing cosmetic services to have their own website. It thus supports the image of the enterprise, is a means by which you can inform potential visitors. Beauty salons offer a fairly wide range of services. These are haircuts, dyeing, hairstyles, a variety of nail service, facials, general and massage parts, and many other services. Going to beauty salons and looking for the required procedures is not really convenient and profitable. It takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, the creation of a website for a beauty salon - just a wand. The Internet portal helps customers to know:

  • types of cosmetic procedures offered;
  • prices for various services;
  • address, travel directions;
  • office hours;
  • how to sign up for a procedure with a particular master;
  • availability of licenses and certificates for the activity;
  • customer feedback.

The owner of the salon can analyze the attendance of users and find out which services are in the greatest demand, what interests them in the first place.

Who develops websites for beauty salons

It is unlikely the head will be able to independently perform such a work as website creation from scratch for a beauty salon in Kiev or any other locality of Ukraine, unless of course he has a specialized education. Therefore, the best solution is to turn to professionals. "MEGASITE" - this is the web-studio that you need. Its main activity - the creation of a website for a beauty salon turnkey. Apply to it for the following reasons:

  1. Web developers study customer products or services, analyze the market, competitors, develop their own strategy, offering unconventional ideas.
  2. They regularly monitor changes in the market of similar products, implement innovative developments that contribute to the development of the project.
  3. They create web-sites of any complexity which is a kind of challenge for web-studio employees to show their creative uncommon way of thinking. There is no detail in the work, so attention is paid to all the details.
  4. For the presentation of services and products graphic and visual effects are used, contributing to the promotion of the site.

Web-studio in Kyiv "MEGASITE" is a high quality of services, creative thinking of specialists, a special, honest attitude towards its customers, responsibility to them.

Beauty salon website features

Website development in Ukraine involves the performance of certain tasks, among which are:

  1. Providing customers with necessary and useful information. This task is considered the main one.
  2. Attracting new customers. All businesses are interested in increasing the number of visitors.
  3. Advisory functions. The development of a website for a beauty salon involves this function. Employees provide visitors with information about all services provided, prices for them, the possibility to order a procedure with a particular master for a particular day and time.

In addition, having your own resource head beauty salon learns demand, increases customer confidence, has the ability to find valuable employees and potential business partners. For this often allocate a separate page when the development of sites in Ukraine.

The requirements and wishes of the customer. In any case, it will be acceptable, the staff will do everything possible to optimize costs. In this case the quality of services will be at a high level.

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