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Promotion of medical sites
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Building materials store
+ 184%
Traffic increase
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Rent of special equipment
+ 135%
Traffic increase
Скриншот 2
Pet supplies
+ 172%
Traffic increase
Скриншот 3
+ 89%
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Скриншот 4


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7 steps to an effective
effective promotion of medical sites


Analysing the site and competitors

We analyse the site for problem areas. We analyse your competitors and identify their weaknesses

Website Audit

We carry out SEO audit of the site. We reveal problematic issues and provide recommendations for their elimination

Formation of goals and objectives

We define the final goal and the way to get to it. We fix all the wishes in a written form. We draw up a list of objectives.

Preparing a Strategy

We develop a strategy to achieve the goals in an effective way

We analyse your competitors

We analyse your competitors in search results and define their weaknesses

Market analysis

We analyse competitors and customers. We evaluate successful solutions on the market. We generate a working strategy based on the best solutions for your business. We generate clear technical specifications.

Setting up Analytics

We set up an analytics service to monitor the progress of the ad campaign
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Medical site promotion

In the modern world, any kind of business is being promoted on the Internet, and medicine is no exception. Today, almost all clinics in Ukraine order website development. Having your own WEB resource is beneficial for visitors and doctors. Patients can easily find out what procedures are available in this medical center and make an appointment with a doctor, and specialists can post information about their achievements and expand the customer base. In this area, the most relevant promotion of medical sites in the search engine using SEO tools.

Features of the promotion of medical sites

In order for the promotion of a medical services website to be effective, it is necessary to take into account the direction of the WEB resource:

  • private clinic or office;
  • online pharmacy;
  • analysis laboratory;
  • online store of medical equipment;
  • sanatorium.

When drawing up a plan for promoting medical sites in Ukraine, it must be taken into account that all platforms have a specific audience. Special requirements are put forward to the quality of content. In other matters, the principle of promoting a website for medical services is practically no different from working with a WEB resource for another business area. The author must not only understand the industry, but have a special education and professionally reveal each topic. Texts on medical websites often contain recommendations for the treatment of a disease or the use of a particular drug. Mistakes made can harm the health of the reader and cause irreparable damage to the doctor's reputation.

Stages of promoting a medical clinic

Promotion of the website of medical services will provide high visibility and attendance of the WEB resource. The main task of SEO promotion is to make it more effective:

  • expand the customer base;
  • increase the reputation of the clinic among Internet users;
  • gain the trust of the target audience.

The main stages of promotion of the site of medical subjects.

  1. Marketing analysis. Specialists of the Web Studio in Kyiv begin their work by studying the market in which the site will be promoted. To do this, you will have to familiarize yourself with the projects of competitors and determine the target audience of the resource.
  2. Technical audit. The purpose of the audit is to identify the shortcomings of the resource and draw up an action plan to eliminate them.
  3. Collecting the semantic core. Creating landing pages for user requests, structuring and linking pages.
  4. Internal improvements. Technical editing and optimization of the WEB resource will provide full indexing and ranking of pages.
  5. Content. A professionally written text should be accessible to ordinary users, unique, contain the required number of requests. Keywords should attract potential customers.
  6. Outdoor optimization. It is useful to publish content on third-party platforms with a link to your own WEB resource.

You can order medical website promotion services regardless of the date of its creation. The bulk of the work is carried out in the first month after the completion of the project. In the future, you will need to regularly update the content and add new external links. The price for promoting a medical website is formed individually for each project. The cost of promoting medical services depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

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